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DJ RANEY a 22 year old guy who is totally into Progressive Trance, Electro, Progressive House, Tech Music…

He has been DJING and Remixing from past 7 years…

Always want to be a Network Engg. But don’t know how he got into this Field, May be because he is made for music.

This young Disc Jockey started his journey by playing at clubs like Elevate, Ssoho, Urban Pind, Kuki, Sports Bar, Reverb, Ice Cube, Ice Bar, Ivy, Light House 13th , All Sports Bar, Geoffrey’s, RPM, Tabula Rasa, TGI Fridays, Arizzona Chandigarh, and so on.

DJ RANEY also performed with known DJ’S like,

(DCUP, Midival Pundits, Bally Sagoo, Ma Faiza, Dj Nyk, Dj Sumit Sethi, Dj Ashish Nagpal, Dj Dont, Dj Nakul Shourie etc)

DJ RANEY is also performed in “INDIAN MUSIC CONFERENCE GOA 2010” with knows DJS & Bands all over the globe like.

International Bands

Hacride – France Leaves Eyes – Germany Cyanide Serenity – UK India Alba – Scotland.

DJ’s & Artists International

Saga Bloom – Europe Famous – Toronto Trina Elle – Canada DJ Mike Bosch – Amsterdam DJ Dimauro – Russia DJ Lera – Russia DJ Valeria – Russia DJ Minicat – Russia DJ Chris Mynude – UK DJ Kemi Mynude – UK Python Project – Russia Jacob Seville – Poland Steve Lorenz – Italy Plastic Sound – Russia Lights Electronica – Finland Nikitin&Semikashev – Russia

National Bands

Demonic Ressurection – Mumbai Devoid – Mumbai Zygnema – Mumbai Coshish – Mumbai Pink Noise – Kolkata Skinny Alley – Kolkata Thermal and a Quarter – Bangalore Escher’s Knot – Chennai

Theorized – Bangalore

DJ’s & Artists

DJ Aqeel – Mumbai DJ Amit B – New Delhi DJ Sumit Sethi – New Delhi DJ Mickey – New Delhi DJ Barkha – New Delhi DJ JC – New Delhi DJ Nakul Shourie – New Delhi DJ Puru – New Delhi DJ Shubh – New Delhi DJ Rafsy – New Delhi DJ Kamya – New Delhi DJ Rummy – New Delhi DJ San Bindra – New Delhi DJ Tinu – Mumbai DJ Sam Schill – Mumbai DJ Smitz – Pune B.L.O.T – New Delhi Kohra – New Delhi Tatva Kundalini – New Delhi Grahan Chronicles -New Delhi One Tribe – Pune Reverse Osmosis – Jaipur Veshesh Da Percussionist – New Delhi Neeraj Pandey – New Delhi Sanjeeb Sircar – New Delhi.

Dj Raney learnt the music production through him self. Just at the age of 22, DJ Raney has managed to mix around 50 songs. His sizzling, foot-taping tracks were first played at Clubs and then all over the globe, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, UK, SINGAPORE, DUBAI. He rocked the crowd in college shows to private parties to public parties. Now, being a master at mixing & blending, his hot peppy numbers has made the masses dance at his fingertips. Now, that he has been successful in making them dance at his tips he plans to own the land too where they put there foots down….