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Ramzy Shaar, became carcass manifested at the cosy hillsides of the heart of Mount Lebanon in the early 5:55 am morning on a stormy cold Spring of March the 24th 1987.

He started his first oral communication and singing to melodies at the mere age of only 8 months. At the midst of his early decade of bodily habitation, Ramzy Shaar started waving impulse towards sounds and frequencies, during this decade and on his 7th birthday he received his first percussions instrument called the “Darbuka” .Later on, he was more allured with the impact of technology put into aural sounds, and discovered the musical keyboard.

At the age of 13, Ramzy discovered Computer Music by some say accident, but he calls as lurk destiny throughout a musical notes typing and arranging software named “Boxer” And later that year he discovered a real virtual studio for drum sampling and synthesizer instruments and keyboard automation plugins known as the Ts-404s under the name “Fruity Loops” courtesy image line, which influenced and helped him understand the basic principles of Dance music production via the projects and software templates of Ferry Corsten, Faithless, and Deadmau5.

At the age of 14, Ramzy started to understand and discover a phenomena in creative music dealing with the technique and art of merging tunes together whilst matching the same beat and sometimes same key harmony, which turned out to have the name of deejaying from “Disc Jockey” or DJ.And that was at a wedding party, and whilst the band was taking a break, he slipped some K7s “Cassetes” of what was called back then Rave music, and is now known as “Techno” and the crowd went absolutely mental, although no one knew or understood what music is that.

In the early 2000 A.D, Ramzy Shaar was formulating an unconditional love towards EDM music (Electronic Dance music) and the Global underground scene, his only inspiration was the radio back then where he started to listen to Lebanon’s first international wave of international underground music shows the likes of Ministry of Sound sessions, House Nation In 24 tracks around the world…

And later “Pete Tong’s-Essential Selection, and Judge Jules- Global Warmup”