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Washington, United States

House, Progressive House


With involvement spanning two decades, ramz is certainly no stranger to the dance music scene. Starting back in the days when the only way you could experience electronic music was to wait at the local top 40 club until the “late” DJ came on, ramz first experienced “the scene” as a victim of the high energy heavy bass beat on the dance floor opposite some of the godfathers—and biggest modern icons—of the electronic dance movement and was hooked for life. Whether hardcore European imports, Florida breaks, West Coast trance, Chicago house, or Detroit techno spun at clubs in every corner of the country and across the world, ramz has found a home on the dance floor fueled by the pervasive vibe and distinct flavor found across each and every genre.

Drawing from his experiences as a classically-trained musician and conductor, a long-time connoisseur of body-rockin’ beats, a kid raised on a constant and eclectic soundtrack consisting of Mozart, Smokey Robinson, Bernstein, Ray Charles, A Tribe Called Quest, Copland, REM, Dr. Dre, The Beatles, and a thousand others, ramz offers an unique musical perspective and “old school” sensibility that shapes his style and track selection.

Behind the turntables, ramz will take you on a musical journey through the best and booty-rockinest tracks produced and remixed throughout the history of electronic music. The energy is up and the sound varies from smooth and dark to edgy and in your face. The common theme throughout is a persistent tribal vibe, focusing on tenor and snare rhythmic elements contrasted against a landscape of soul-destroying basslines and ethereal vocals. ramz guarantees that you find some elements of familiarity in every set and that each and every person on the dance floor will feel the culmination of thousands of tracks thrown down by hundreds of DJs and a nearly irresistible urge to




ramz has been featured at a number of top east coast venues including Nation, FUR, MCCXXIII, Give Production’s Transit, Home, Paradox, X Ultralounge, Singapore Bistro, Dragonfly, and Club Five—an incomplete list that becomes increasingly difficult to keep up to date these days to be sure. Always up for a good house party, he is a perpetual fixture at many local underground events. ramz also opened the famed Nation patio for the 2005 season at Cubik—Buzzlife Productions’ Friday night DC mainstay—with the entire Omega Squad crew. ramz has played radio shows on WGMU, WMUC, and is frequently featured on in Omega Squad’s weekly Monday night show, for audiences not only in DC but around the world via Internet simulcasts. His new radio show “Aural Fixation” on GlobalMixRadio airs on the first Monday of every month at 2PM ET (1800 GMT) with a rebroadcast on the third Monday at the same time. His powerhouse studio mixes “My Little Friends” and his latest “Strong Rhythm” have been featured on XM Radio’s “Launch Pad” (heard weekly 5PM to 7PM ET on XM Channel 80, The Move).