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Ralphie Dee started DJ ing in Brooklyn during the 80's. After playing at the borough's most successful clubs he took up residencies in Manhattan. Ralphie was part of the FO... read more
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Ralphie Dee started DJ ing in Brooklyn during the 80’s. After playing at the borough’s most successful clubs he took up residencies in Manhattan. Ralphie was part of the FOURTH FLOOR/ NU GROOVE records family back in 89’ where he worked with Tommy Musto and Frankie Bones, Victor Simonelli and Lenny Dee. The first collaborations include" OUTTAKES" on FOURTH FLOOR and “MAJOR PROBLEMS” "OVERDOSE"on NU GROOVE. When Major Problems first hit the Record Mirror charts in early 1990 he was invited to play in London at Heaven with Lenny Dee who had been to the U.K. earlier in 89’ when he and Frankie Bones had a hit with Looney Tunes. As it turns out that first U.K. trip changed Ralphie’s life. One of the first people he met in London was Mr. C who at that time was a DJ on pirate radio and threw parties at places like the Brixton Academy and went on to be a part of the SHAMEN and run THE END in London. Mr C. opened up my eyes to realize that there was a whole other world out there for music besides the crap that was going on in the U.S. and this was the time when the rave and house scene was exploding in England. So with ideas flowing Ralphie went back in the studio to record his biggest hit of all in July 90’ “THE REALM” by PARADISE INC featuring CHANTEL. That record was the launching pad for Ralphie’s international success both as a D.J. and producer. I should have been set for a long time if I was smarter back then Ralphie claims. If I had a dollar for everybody that sampled the track I’d be a millionaire today. Another turning point came after Ralphie produced JET LAG by NORTHERN LIGHTS which was a smash in Holland and got licensed in 6 countries. With the success of these records Ralphie toured Italy, Germany, The U.K. and Holland. Ralphie was also a part of the early techno scene in France where he had become popular. He was invited to play at the Rex Club in Paris by a then unknown LAURENT GARNIER. In 1993 Ralphie got together with Lenny Dee to produce another ground breaking EP called “ENGLISH MUFFIN” What we did was take the jungle breakbeat elements of what was going on in the U.K. and mix them with the 4/4ths kick and sounds of the early new beat records like Praga Kahn and tracks coming out of Rotterdam. From that a whole new wave of techno was born which spawned all kinds of styles like hardcore and happy hardcore. By the end of 1994’ Ralphie had played at raves like ENERGY in Switzerland, HELLRAISER in Holland and REZZURECTION in Scotland and also played clubs like TRESOR in Berlin and CLUB U.K. in London. Ralphie started another label called “New York Grooves” the first release Volume 1 is in stores after June 28 2004 the second single “Feel Me” has Ralphie’s original version and the DPI Remix on the other side. He also runs the New York / U.S. offices for UDG "Ultimate Dj gear. After 10 years he shows no signs of slowing down. He can still be found DJing around the world as well as producing tracks.