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Ralph Mirto

Rome, Italy


Cannibald, Dmom, Lost Demo
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Born in 1988, Ralph Mirto started producing in 2004. Coming out from the local rave scene, and with a strong live approach in his studio productions, Ralph has followed a dark edge that became his trademark sound among the international techno lovers.

Has released for Alex Bau’s Lost Demo (DE) and Nachtstrom Schallplatten (DE) becoming immediately one of the upcomers to look after in the past 2 years, receiving numerous remix and release requests from all over the place and collaborations with his favourite artists of the likes of Perc among others.With time passing by his passion grew stronger and stronger, emerging in a series of successful releases and remixes for a number of labels across Europe.Now concentrating on his solo works, to establish himself as one of the rising stars of Techno firmament, while getting busy with his live appearances in powerful live sets of pure dark techno.But Ralph didn’t seat idle for 1 minute on this fast glory he achieved, instead renovated his studio from digital to fully analogue and kept producing techno gem after gem, progressing in the studio and moving a little bit from the dark sound that made him famous, in order to reach an even more distinctive style which is simply deeper, heavier and stronger then expectations.

Of course the dark edge he followed still there, but you can of course expect some major Techno business with no limitation from his upcoming dj appearance.