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Raizel Tomasa

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Raizel Tomasa (Bart Heideman) is a dj / producer based in Amsterdam. As I teenager he already fell in love with electronic music by the likes of Africa Bambaata, Grand Master Flash and Public Enemy.

By visiting clubs like Roxy, IT and Chemistry he got infected with the four-to-the-floor virus. Soon after this he started experimenting with Rebirth and it didn’t take long before he started making music with DJ JVM (Jeroen van Meeteren). Together with JVM he restarted the record label 90wattsrecords on which they released their own productions and the productions of rising stars like Boy Bianchi, Leo Moreno and El Mundo & Satori.

Raizel loves playing deep house, disco and techno, but don’t get surprised if you hear something totally different coming along.