Rai Beatport


RAI started spinning in December 1998. His first project as a DJ was with a local Atlanta Hardcore band, called Nauseous. They played in various places around Atlanta and Georgia. RAI’s main function in the band was to bring electronic mixes into heavy rap-metal music. He did various spinning/scratching and also sampling with a sampler (sp-202 boss). In May of 1998, he picked up a side project from the band. Every time he heard jungle he knew there was something about it and it was his thing. First RAI started off spinning jump up. In August of 1999 after Nauseous broke up only RAI found himself spinning more and more jungle.

Later, he started researching Jungle and working on what he calls “The perfect sound”. He even experimented with other styles of electronic music. He realized what he calls “The Perfect Sound” Is Techstep, HardStep, and Various Hip hop. After all that he started buying some atmospheric-ambient-intelligent D&B vinyl.

In May of 2000, he started noticing that our scene needed to pull together again. He already knew that our scene needed some help, so he got with Sara (The Founder of HSP), and together we both created and organization called RaveVibes. It was an organization for everyone in the Scene to help keep our scene around. It was established to bring everyone together and keep the love at parties.

On June 16 2000, for the party Recess at the Globe Theatre in Atlanta Georgia, RAI played his first party. He played a mixture of jungle that night—all the way from jump up to ambient, to Techstep. RAI has also played 5 times at the globe theatre’ Weekly, Mission 1, and the playhouse. He’s played with artists: Adam X Bam, Disco D, Ak1200, Baby Anne, Stryfe, Bezerker, Angel Alanis, Brisk & Mc Storm.