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Rahul Snyder

Guangzhou, China

Electro House

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DJ Rahul is a household name on account of his internationally renowned DJ career which has taken him to the best clubs worldwide, and has even scored him a residency @ HOUSE99.

Holding down a high-profile residency at Fifty in England, touring around the world, and appearing on several DJ mix albums. Though he spun his remixes in every country.

He remains something of a mystery, a wilfully perverse producer and DJ in the best possible sense, a musician who has constantly defied expectation.

While others rushed headlong to superstar DJ status and exorbitant wage demands, his career has followed a quite different trajectory flirting with the avant garde, embracing a variety of different HOUSE genres and started exploding nightclubs..

If you’ve been anywhere near House music event in the past few years, the likelihood is that at least one point during the evening you will have been moving to the hypnotic sounds of Dj Rahul.

In year 2008, Dj Rahul moved to London to expand his experience in the World Of DJ’s, Dj Rahul’s reputation has been forged on endless days in the studio perfecting his unique sound of house, and demand for his sound has continued to grow with every piece of production that he works his magic on.

Dj Rahul’s career is testament to those who feel that things come too easy or the modern day house music producer, but to all those in the industry who have been involved with his work, none are surprised at his success, and this was demonstrated in 2010 when Dj Rahul was invited to supply the guest mix his native Radio Luna.

Spinning at various private parties and some of the most prestigious clubs in North Italy and Austria, the young dj was soon drawn into the world of

producing and after a year of experimenting with different sound, he released his first of many tracks.

Two years later and he is firmly established as one of the most respected producers in his genre, with an endless flow of superlative productions, and remix projects for the industry’s finest imprints.

His work on labels that include Positiva, Rising Music, Nebula, Oxyd, Audio Therapy, Baroque, Rise and Direction have gained support from the cream of the world’s elite, whilst collaborations with Christian Hornbostel, Sam Paganini, My Digital Enemy, Filo & Peri, Dabruck & Klein amongst others show his diversity and ability to bend his sound to suit.

On the remix tip, Dj Rahul continues to push the boundaries, and with various original projects now complete and due for release over the coming months,

Dj Rahul is now firmly back on the remix scene, with projects for some of the biggest labels on the planet.

If all this wasn’t enough, Dj Rahul continues to guest on the radio. He is now the main force behind UK’s hottest radio program that goes out and allows him to showcase his latest sounds to the nation.

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Dash Berlin (First UK Show Of 2011)

Steve Lewis on (percussion)


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Fabio Agostini b2b Philip Row Live (Nachstrom Schalplatten / Naked Lunch / Kazima Rec)

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✿ Future Events with

Hayley Parsons

John 00 Fleming

Christopher Lawrence

Tom Novy

Paul Sparkes

James Jackson

Alex Drummon

Mario & Vidis

✿ Venues :

KingFishers – Galle

Pacha – London

Ministry of sound – London

Egg – London

Fabric – London

Raving Buddha – London

Mambo’s – Hikkaduwa

Viberation – hikkaduwa

The Mix bar – Colombo

Club Grace – Bangkok

Club De Vegas – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Zanzibar – Colombo

H20 – Colombo

Zouk – Colombo

Gigalum – London

Scala – London

Breeze – Singapore

Afrodisiac – Colombo

Blue Elephant – Colombo

Gatecrashes – Birmingham

Carlton – marina bay ,Singapore

Blue Planet – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bar Amber – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rihiveli – Maldives

Shine – Colombo

Tabu – Colombo

Club Nouvo – Colombo

Underground – Colombo

Tramps – Colombo

Prive – Colombo

Mirror – Colombo

Y not – Hikkaduwa

Bass Line – Hikkaduwa

Lush – Colombo

Cocoon Lounge – Colombo

Escudo – Sukhumvit , Bangkok

Jewell – London

Glass – Storbridge