Top 50k on The DJ List


Miami, United States

Progressive House, Trance


Rafal was born and raised in Poland where his passion for music began. At the young age of 8 he began his exploration of music and appreciation for it by singing in the choir. His talent constantly shined and his desire for music came out in his voice. He also demonstrated his musical abilities through his flute playing skills in the 1st grade and persuaded it for many years to come. He moved to the US at the age of 14 where he took residence in Connecticut and 2 years later moved to Florida. Soon after, he realized that he wanted to do more with music than just simply listen; he wanted to get more involved. He began by buying 2 cd players and a mixer and started spending most of his time on mixing music in his bedroom. After a while, he decided he was going to get serious with his love for music and added two turntables to his equipment and the journey of DJing began. Slowly but surely, he built his record collection by purchasing many records on a weekly basis and spending hours at the record store just selecting the records which suit his style. Since then, he has had the opportunity to spin at many clubs and parties in Florida and people love to dance to his unique style of music. He thanks DJ Vision for his guidance and appreciates the support he has gotten and looks to build on this support to a successful and fulfilling DJ career.