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Young, determined, and driven by his passion for music, DJ Rafa has become the youngest DJ to take the reigns of the biggest nightclub in San Antonio, Planeta Bar-Rio.

His experience roots come from Arriba Bar in 2002 where he began to develop his skills and gain experience. With time he gained the respect he deserved and moved on to Bar Azul where he further developed the innovative house music style he possesses today.

His unique selection of music has brought Rafa to spin at other upscale venues such as Suede, Tabu, Posh, and Club Rio.

In early 2006, Rafa was offered the Residency at Planeta Bar-Rio where every weekend he spins for over 1,000 people. It was March of 2006 when DJ Rafa, now resident dj of Planeta Bar-Rio and DJ ED D, resident dj of Club Rio, decided to form RD and release their first CD entitled “Clubber’s Generation”

The future of DJ Rafa and DJ ED D, aka RD, include playing throughout the state of Texas to release the energy of electronic music and eventually start producing tracks.