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Radio Killer

Bucharest, Romania


Blanco y Negro, EMPO, Kontor Records
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Radio Killer is a HaHaHa Production project released in September 2009 with single Voila. Who is Radio Killer? campaign left space for rumors and comments on the identity of the members of Radio Killer, up until the unmasking the last of them, The Real Killer – Paul Damixie.

Voila was the most broadcasted song of the fall of 2009 in Romania, outlining a spectacular start for Radio Killer. Who is Radio Killer? was one of the most innovative campaigns for the release of a new music project and lasted until spring 2010, when all of the seven artists were revealed. Voila was a hit of the time not only in Romania,as it was licensed in many other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, France and the Czech Republic.

The seven members of Radio Killer were disclosed one by one on the band’s official web site beginning with Smiley, then followed by Elefunk (Serban Cazan), Cell Block, Karie, Boogie Man (Don Baxter), Crocodealer (Alex Velea) and finally Paul Damixie.

By the end of April 2010 Radio Killer released their second single. Be Free hit the radio charts immediately after its release and received extraordinary response from the public.