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Leeds, United Kingdom

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Radamas has become one of the most well rounded DJs to hit the scene. Starting as a battle DJ and remaining true to the art of turntablism, he gets the respect on the streets that many party and radio DJs lack. Radamas spent four years producing and hosting a top ranked radio show on 90.9 WCDB Albany NY, which enabled him to developed his ON AIR radio personality to match his skills as a party DJ and turntablist. He also spent two years spinning for 103.5 The Beat Miami, co hosting and Djing “Eat to Beat Back in the Day Buffet”, Monday through Friday, playing classic tracks from Hip Hop’s different eras.

Even though Radamas has always considered himself a Hip Hop DJ, He has evolved to adapt to the changing club scene and music industry. He finds himself rocking all genres of music from HOUSE, TRAP, EDM, REGGAE to LATIN and is considered by many to be the one of the top OPEN FORMAT DJs in the country. He has been described by many in the industry to have a unique ability and talent to rock crowds for marathon sets of 6 to 10 hours. This has translated to him being the DJ for some of Miami’s most famous parties and longest running residencies in the nation. He currently holds a 14 year residency at the one of the top 10 clubs in the country, the world famous Club SPACE. This is one of the longest running residencies in the country. He has also played for many famous artist such as, Madonna, Aerosmith, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Puffy to name a few. His hottest spots may be in Miami and New York, but Radamas has toured Chicago, New Orleans, Haiti, St. Bart, Mexico and Switzerland. Among one of Radamas’ greatest accomplishments is the recognition he received from the hip-hop industry when in 1997 Sean “Puffy” Combs discovered the magic of Radamas spinning in the situation room of “Liquid”. Radamas quickly became one of Bad Boy Entertainment’s elite DJs, spinning many Miami based events for the company, as well as traveling overseas to personally perform for Diddy.

Radamas has a strong following of true “rhythm seekers”, who absorb the vibes that he creates. He covers an unsuspecting crowd with impeccable timing and increasing energy. He sets the mood and ignites fire into every song, every beat. True to his zodiac sign, he is an authentic Scorpio, who strikes with deadly precision and little regard for the ordinary.

Within the hierarchy of DJs in the kingdom of the nightlife, Radamas is revered. In the turntable world of spinning, scratching, and base, where rappers quickly fade and lights slowly dim, be not mistaken; it is there that Radamas rules.


“Club Space” 14 years (Current), “Blue Martini” Brickell, (Current), “Blue Martini” West Palm Beach (Current), “Secret Society” @ BED 7 years, “LIQUID” 6 years, “Home Cooking” @ GrooveJet, Ready Bar, KGB 6 years, “Hercules” @ LUA, Chaos, 6 years “INK” 4 years, “The Forge” 3 years, “Crobar” 3 years, “Opium Garden” 3 years, “Radius” Boca Raton 3 years, “Fire House” Fridays 3 years, “Dream” 2 years, “Metropolis” 2 years, “Lap Dance Tuesdays” @ Prive 2 years “Pearl” Saturdays 2 years, “AeroBar” 2 years, “Pangea” @ Hard Rock Casino 2 years, “Mansion”, “Nikki beach,” “Cameo”

Notables – (monthly)

“Funky Buddah lounge” Chicago, “The Shrine” Chicago, “Money Club” West Palm Beach, “CBGB”s New York City, “Havanna Club” Atlanta, “New Orleans,” “Switzerland,” “Mexico,” “Haiti”


Co Founder – Online Television Radio Network (UNTV) Universe Network Television (Current)

Global Spin Awards Nominee “Online Radio Dj of the Year” 2013 (Current)

In the Mix Tv Show Saturdays Channel 39 Direct TV Chnl 12 Comcast (Current)

Rick Ross Birthday party, Bad Boy’s New Years Eve party in St Barts, Russel Simmons Birthday party, Eminems Album release in store signing, TLC’s album release party, Howard Deans Presidential Fund Raiser

DJ Radamas is available for DJing, production, speaking engagements, music related events, parties, golf tournaments, charity events, fundraisers, special events, appearances, product endorsements, corporate events and more.

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