Rachel Auburn Beatport


Rachel’ success story within the music industry as a dj and producer reads like a Christmas wish list that most would die for. Her background is one of fashion designing and began in the eighties, which is where her story really begins.

As a fashion designer she was responsible for dressing London’ clubbing elite and being a regular clubber herself she found her involvement in the hedonism of club life was becoming more than just a night out parading her outfits, it was now a desire to play an intricate part in entertaining the masses.

Rachel’ dj career began at the infamous Taboo night club in London where she quickly began to make a name for herself as a tough female dj in what has always been “a mans world”. Her style she describes as “hard, melodic, funky, groovy, house music” is a style all of its own, the energy she creates from the massive breaks, builds and tunes she seems to drop at every opportunity leave her audiences bowing to her like the goddess she has become.

Rachels career really took off when React Records signed her to produce a compilation album called ‘Fresca’ which was atypical example of the way she was playing at the time. The uplifting house sound she was playing then spurred the release of Rachels very first track ‘Oh Yes’ by Love and Sex on John Trueloves TEC Label.

1995 saw Rachels big break into the limelight when she was signed to Virgin Records VC Label with Paul Masterson (Yomanda Fame) as Candy Girls. She was to score three top thirty hits in a row including ‘Wham Bam’ and ‘Fe Fi Fum’ and appeared on a cult British music show Top of the Pops a result of this. Following on from this Rachel made definitive remixes of amongst others Felix’, ’Don’t You Want Me’ and Jx’, ‘Son of a Gun’.

Towards the end of the nineties Rachel Auburn was a much sought after person and it was then she developed her status as a Tidy Girl. Tidy Trax Records recognized that there was a female dj-producer out there with a massive talent for making and playing music- their kind of music. Along with Lisa Lashes and Anne Savage, Rachel Auburn was born into the Tidy Girl status that she still maintains today.

As a result of all this hard work and talent Rachels feisty attitude and uplifting hard house style is in great demand all over the world. As a dj she has played for the biggest and best in the business including, Trade Sundissential, Heaven, Ministry of Sound, Pacha (lbiza), Manumission (lbiza), Turnmills and Gatecrasher (recovery party, Australia) to name only a few. As a worldwide dj she has played in countries like Australia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Finland, South Africa, Japan, Manila and even allowed her to become the first female dj ever to play in China. There isn’t a country in the world that hasn’t either seen her play or heard her name and the reason why is plain to see.

Presently Rachel is playing at her only British residency [email protected] and also continuing her world-wide dominance with tours to Australia, USA, Canada and China planned along with the release of a remixed version of another one of her big hits ‘Machine Man’.

The Millennium is Rachels time. Now is Rachels time!!