His public name is Peter, he was born in '85. RAAVN made his first steps towards producing in 1996 (age of 11) on the Commodore64 power-machine, composing simple drumpatter... read more
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Location: Bratislava, Slovakia Slovakia
Genre: Trance
Labels: ABTC Recordings, Rebeat

His public name is Peter, he was born in ’85. RAAVN made his first steps towards producing in 1996 (age of 11) on the Commodore64 power-machine, composing simple drumpatterns and simple melodic loops. Trying to get on a higher level, he took part on private piano lessons. After couple of weeks, he gave up on it, being not really interested learning how to hold hands while playing. His desire was to create.

Creativity was the attribute RAAVN found himself very strong at. While taking part in various activities, he found himself right in the underground music environment one day. In 2000, he started producing intros for his friends and he also had a couple of on-stage appearances in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Due to many personal setbacks, he decided to stop this carreer in 2003.

Moving to the small town of Trnava in 2004 was a big step in his life. He rents a small house and builds a studio. Besides his college studies, he started up to try various digital music solutions. You could hear him play and practice every single day, but just among the walls of his studio. Ones were legal reasons, the others that he was not really willing and confident to share his knowledge or abilities with the public. Since 2004, there are just a few appearances behind the decks, the biggest one probably ‘Revelations’ in mid 2005 (Czech rep.).

The same year, he got invited to ‘The Essential Countdown’ NYE event and participated also every next year till 2009. A big turnover in his way of thinking was caused by the visit of the international ‘Nature one’ festival. There he finally realized, how magical it is when the crowd goes under a DJ’s influence and enjoys sharing the same emotions.

In 2007 he makes another thick line behind his past (reflected in a never released material ‘The Mile Beyond’). He leaves his studio behind, and moves to the city of Bratislava. He starts looking for inspiration on various edm events. Most of his inspiration comes from Rank 1, Sophie Sugar, Jochen Miller and Gareth Emery.

In 2008-2009, RAAVN buys a set of pro-dj equipment and a license for Live 8. Starting with few guestmixes in Vienna (Austria) and for his friends in the US, he gains back his skills and confidence. He is also already trying to put in live passages, played on his Korg nanoKEY, which is his favourite toy at the very moment. His creative mind stops before nothing, putting together a hybrid music environment consisting of turntables, cd players, computer with midi devices, an iPhone and music instruments could bring many stunning performances.

Nobody is able to say, if he is really a talented DJ, or if it’s his dedication to music which keeps him working on the level. What we can say, that his short music footages are becoming more and more popular on social networks and among the growing few of fans. He also creates 100% of his artwork on his own, which is another big proof of his creativity.

2010 brought the official launch of his very own podcast. ‘The Setwork Podcast’ features specific shortmixes each thursday and is accessible from the iTunes store. After loads of positive feedback, Raavn got the opportunity to host his own radio show. You can hear it primarily on EYE1 Radio each first monday of the month at 3pm EST (21.00 CET). As for a plan for the rest of 2010, Raavn tries to become a resident DJ of a club. There is already a fair interest in this field from Austria. Another plan is to deliver producer outputs and sign at least one release this year.

“Meet Peter – the guy with a smile.”