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R3 Ckless

Los Angeles, United States

Electro House

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Sadrac Gonzalez aka DJ R3CKLESS or just R3CKLESS born in El Salvador but raised in the City of Roses ,Pasadena when his music career took off on the year 2009 when he started his short lived indie rock band Metropolis short time after his band broke he looked further into different kind of music in came EDM amazed by the beats and melodies of EDM in late last year of 2010 DJ RecklessX was born I started in early november mixing music and learned from DJ Bl3NDS mixes it wasn’t untill early of the year 2011 in March that he discovered a new passion Producing being inspired still up till this day by famous Progressive Dutch producer TON!C a little after producing he began to assemble a group of dj’s to show off their skills they were called “Electro Lovers” consisted of DJ RecklessX , DJ Big Edgar , DJ Mixster and DJ Joswizzle with thier saying “E.L. Love” which means Electro Lovers before anything soon after the formation in early June the group has been slowing departing ,but soon right after a new group has been born right on the spot known as “Party Swaggers” consisted of DJ RecklessX and DJ Mixster about to take Pasadena by storm, but as today this group no longer exist due to RecklessX taking his own path.


After Party Swaggers was finished and DJ RecklessX took his own path in music he began to practice day and night on his producing skills in fl studio getting help from Leisure (Formally known as Equinox) he would develop his own style of music and change his name from RecklessX to R3CKLESS a little while after Ro Smasha Leader of the Producing Group G.O.T.A (Greatest Of Them All) R3CKLESS gladly accepted never being in a real producing crew but loved the challenge R3CKLESS Would be in the Group for only 2 months untill Backsp1n Leader of Producing Group A2B (Addicted 2 Bass) offered him to join his crew R3CKLESS Aceepted and left GOTA for A2B one month in the group and a week before the start of 2012 R3CKLESS left A2B to go back to his former group GOTA when in 1 month tops he back a leader as well for his commitment to the group as of February 2012 R3CKLESS is not going to be involved in anymore Producing Groups and is now going solo


After leaving GOTA in just a couple mins R3CKLESS had mad a new path and got signed to MTB Recods (Malay Talented Believers) and is officially making tracks daily or practicing his skills on fl studio 10