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Artem Harchenko, better known as R-Tem (one of R-Tem & DJ Boyko Project), is one of the most interesting DJ’s and producers in Russia. Starting play breaks at 1997, now he plays funky house / nu-breaks. Always when R-Tem comes to turntables – dancefloor is waiting for something new, but certainly funky and what makes all the party people dance!

His motto is “La musique c’est la vie”, what means “No life without music, no music without life”.

Also R-Tem known as very popular electronic music producer. Starting at 1998 with DJ Boyko, today R-Tem & DJ Boyko one of best Russian electronic projects. There are more than 40 tracks maked by project for 5 years, including remixes for: Yana Kay, Masta, Koala, A. Pugacheva (the best Russian pop-diva) and others.

Today, R-Tem working with the best Russian producers, like OKO, Koala, Anatoly Vorontsov, Acoscoolkas and others. Also R-Tem works with a well-known labels, like: Cuba Recordings, Rotary Coctail, Peace Road Records, Universal.

Also R-Tem launched his own label “Snoochi Boochi Records” – an indie label, which produce house/breaks music. Snoochi Boochi is really a well-known label in Russia.