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R.A.W. a.k.a. BBOY3000 has been a legend in the Los Angeles dance music scene for the last 15 years. Originally a hip-hop DJ and producer, his career has spanned the current history of dance music from electro, to hip hop, to techno, to drum and bass. With an impressive discography featuring 28 vinyl releases, and 8 CD releases on labels such as Warner Bros, Priority, his own Void Audio imprint, not to mention the tens of thousands of mix tapes sold in his DJ career, RAW he continues to be one of the most influential and sought after turntable technicians and producers in the US.

His story goes back to the days of breakin’ and poppin’. In ’86 he experimented with drum machines and synths to create electro style tracks and later joined Brooklyn MC Silkskii to release a hip hop single and video called Depression ’99 under the name Project X. Yet, he chose to spend most of his time spinning on the radio, various high schools and engaging in many DJ battles which has given him his inimitable style and arsenal of battle weapons.

In 1991, R.A.W. stepped into the underground techno scene and brought with him an entirely different sound. Heavy basslines, razor-sharp scratching, and reggae/hip hop lyrics mixed flawlessly, has made him a crowd favorite anywhere he plays. R.A.W.’s hard-driving mixes stay true to his b-boy roots, with a fusion of dance floor and battle styles that distinguishes him as a DJ that not only makes the crowd move, but one with serious turntablist skills as well.

B-Boy 3000 the true original American junglist and veteran producer of over 18 drum and bass anthems on N2O Records including “Ragga 2001,” “Mathematical Chemistry,” “Hannibal,” “Final Battle,” “Cracklabcalifornia,” “Klash,” his new tune on N2O the remix of “Oh My God 2004.” Fresh from the world’s first and only Producer/DJ tour, N2O’s Diss Da Program Soundklash Tour 2003 rampaged the world with the sounds of hardstep jungle. Plowing through Japan, Canada, and the U.S. for 32 shows in 33 days, the indie driven label’s artists blasted hardcore jungle fans in the tens of thousands.

B-Boy 3000 is one of the members of the feared and famed “N2O Soundklash Yakuza,” a 4-man battle team comprised of N2O artists ODG, B-Boy 3000, DJ K, and Capital J, specifically designed to compete in soundsystem competitions using self-produced music and turntablism skills. He is the only turntablist dj with the skills to murder his opponents with his own self produced records and dubplates.

Not just a recording artist, through N2O’s film division, B-Boy 3000’s work has been licensed to Gus Van Zant’s 1999 acclaimed public anti-drug service series directed by David Kebo entitled “Flow.” He also appeared as DJ and performed live turntablism. In 2004 B-Boy 3000 will be featured in the N2O DVD, “Leaders of the New Sound” and he will also have a song appear on the soundtrack to “Airborne,” the new epic extreme surfing DVD premiering in summer 2004.

This intense energy and style R.A.W. exhibits both on the decks and in the studio has kept him busy, and he is constantly touring both in the United States and internationally. He spends his down time in the studio producing tracks for Surveillance Sound and for his own imprints Void Audio Experiments and Judgement. R.A.W. represents the best of LA’s underground music scene and he brings this extraordinary expertise and confidence every time he hits the turntables.