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Honolulu, United States

Progressive House, Trance

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A ProducerDj/Entertainer who, over the years, has developed into one of the more consistent performance artists involved with the current music scene. While gaining a strong support from his local scene in San Diego which has helped him expand his territory through out Southern California to the Pacific North West parts of the Mid West and majority of Canada and Hawaii’s Undergrounds, Clubs and massive Venus in the early to mid 90’s.

Late 1996 Dj QUIKSILVA had caught the attention of a small undeveloped record label that had an interest in his musical eclecticism which opened an opportunity to help develop and market their up and coming record label “We Are One”. Soon after, Dj QUIKSILVA stepped into the recording studio where he recorded their first internationally marketed album release in 1997 “EMOTIONS”. This began what was and still is proving to his start of his successful career as a Dj/Producer. Following his release of his album led to club “SUGAR”, late December 1998, that kick started the San Diego’s club scene once again. Then in early 1999, the opening of “Club Velvet”, Del Mar Race Tracks Club House, had taken Southern California by storm and in a perfect bit of timing he was offered a permanent residency. As their official DJ, he began working on music of his own.

At the same time people were beginning to notice this quietly-spoken DJ from SD, the way that he really understood what made people dance yet never compromised his vision of what good music should be. He started unsurprisingly to get written about in the dance music magazines. Here was someone, they said, who could rock it with the best of them, yet who also stood out as a person with their own unique style, mixing straight up house with trance material, blending in break beats to keep the flow going, playing the most up to the minute music that somehow also reflected a rich musical heritage. He has continued to DJ and shares his sound to places that he could have once only dreamed about going to. Since then, he has released many mixed albums. Dj QUIKSILVA isn’t for standing still, he loves what he’s doing too much for that, but you know that already.