Top 25k on The DJ List

Queen Agnes B

San Francisco, United States

Breaks, House


“Life is a song, love is the music.” is the phrase that DJ Queen Agnes B uses to best describe how loved, involved and important music is in her life. It all sort of started at the age of seven, when instead of playing with dolls and such, she would put on pretend singing shows with and for her friends. From that era of her life, her love for music well evolved into twelve years of studying, training and performing different forms of musical communication. This included the flute for two years, piano with a private instructor at Stanford University for three years and vocals ranging in different styles for twelve years, two of which were with a private voice coach from the Los Angeles Opera.

It was the mid 90’s when she began going to and experiencing the Bay Area rave culture scene. She instantly developed a passion for electronic music, especially house and breaks, and wanted to be more involved than just as a spectator. Agnes’ first gig was February 1999 at a club called the Usual in San Jose, CA. The club was packed with a full crowd, dancing and screaming for more. Agnes quotes: “I had tears in my eyes because I was so overjoyed and I had to fan my face with a record sleeve almost every time I bent down to grab a new record”. That night was not only exciting and memorable, but also overwhelming since it was one of her first times in a club, her first time spinning in public for a large, lively crowd and she was asked to become a resident DJ. That experience inspired her to want to take DJing even further.

Since then, applying her musical and stage talent, DJ Queen Agnes B has kept the vibe alive at many clubs and events spinning a range of musical styles, which include deep, pumping, disco feeling and funky house music. She is also well known for playing some of the most floor stomping, funky breaks sets, which she combines with her cutting, sampling and scratching skills. Hearing and seeing her rock the decks and the reaction from the crowd, it’s no wonder that Agnes was nominated for “San Francisco’s Favorite House DJ” at the Clubby Awards and also named one of the Top Ten DJ’s this year in San Francisco by the Guardian Magazine.

She has played at most of the recognized clubs in San Francisco such as 1015 Folsom, The End Up, Space 550, DNA Lounge, Ruby Skye, Kelly’s Mission Rock and many others. Her talents have been observed and heard in Calgary (Canada), Côte d’Azur “French Riviera” (France), Seattle (WA), Portland (OR), Reno (NV), Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Texas, Lake Havasu (AZ) and also a few times in Miami for the Winter Music Conference. Agnes has also played several live sets as well as been interviewed on local radio shows and XM Radio.

Throughout her career, DJ Queen Agnes B has played alongside many renowned DJ’s and Artists such as: The Crystal Method, DJ Rap, Supa DJ Dmitry – Dee Lite, Digital Underground, Miguel Migs, Anne Savage, Mark Farina, Frankie Feliciano and Donald Glaude just to name a few.

DJ Queen Agnes B is a resident of Sister SF ( which originated in 1997 in San Francisco and is a collective that provides a supportive, educative, friendly platform for female DJ’s, MC’s or live performers. She is also a resident of Femme DJs ( a female DJ collective based out of the West Coast.

Agnes has an intense passion for both playing and creating music. “All Day, All Night” her first house track featuring her vocals, was recently remixed into a sick breaks track by DJ Laron (AKA Swan). Future projects that she is working on incorporate her live vocals over her DJ sets as well as new production projects. Soon, expect to hear new creations of her musical talents.