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QUANTUM / X9 [Reverb Sessions.GR-insert recordings-RandomAccessRecordings.MI]

Leon is an engineer and has worked on projects such as the aviation Black box

but the main expresion of his feelings and emotions are

driven by his passion for electronic “technology” music, Djing, production and the exploration of sound formations.

He began djing at house parties during the mid nineties mixing jungle and break beat

in the southern suberbs of Athens and when he found a chance to break in to the club sceen

of electronic music it was in North East of England where he landed on a group of

talented artists representing the underground elctronic techno sceen in that part of the UK.

He joined Insert records in ’98 and had the chance to rock the beat with quality techno sounds

and show his talent with artists like Oliver-Ho (Blueprint/Meta), Richie Harvey (User/Abuser),

Ben Sims (Theory/ Killabite), Charlie Hall (Pro-Jex / Drum Club) Ian Void (Gueshky)

spinning in the house.This was a huge experiance for Leon and soon he headlined

in several clubs and events with even guests like Jiles Petterson rockin the dancefloor.

In 2002 he joined Modular expansion(modularexpansion.gr) in Athens Greece signing

with purpose to support and develop the underground techno sceene in his home town;

With several projects already successfully been introduced in the past by Modular to support

the Athenean electronic sceene such as the Modular Expansion & the later Reverb Sessions

Techno Events covering a broad range of electronic music from deep soul techno house to electro and 4 to the floor

techno dance frenzee anthems.

Quantum played in most of the Athenean dance clubs supporting underground electronic music after 2002.

His ability to drop records with the energy to break down the sound and build it up

to drive the dancefloor to what a proper party realy looks like is the key to mixing he says. “Creativity timing and skill

with a pair of MK2s and a bag of quality records. Djing is like being a cheff in a very nice restaurant..”

Guests of the likes of David Tarrida from Tresor,ex Bellboy main man Chris Cowe, Dj Rolando

all the way from Detroit and U.R., new big hit name Alex Cowalski and Daren Price a man with

no introductions from Underworld headlined in the Modular events and late Reverb Sessions events making the parties

very successfull.Quantum also participated in the opening party of Omega Audio Recordings(omega-audio.com)

rockin the groove.A new quality techno record Label based in Greece featuring artist like Modular owner George Apergis

featured in F1, Axel Karakasis & Spiros Kaloumenos who are the men behind the label

already collaborating with Mb Electronics,surely Marco Baily, Dj Preach and many more artists.

The islands of Greece are hot spots for parties and Quantum jammed on the decks in

quality parties in the beaches of Creete, Paros & Corfu under the hot sun

or under a full moon in beautiful locations during the summers.

Leon is up to the production of some tracks at the moment for Detroit electronic net label

Random Access Recordings (randomaccessrecordings.com) in collaboration with Marus Watkins from Chicago

owner of RAR following his debut in the label featured as DJ of the month in April 2006 with “ElectroPolis”

a great 60 min 33 rec mix availiable online for download.Latest release “Employee of the Month EP” by Ben Crea from Australia

has just been released by RAR featuring quality electonic sounds.

Quantum will be releasing another DJ set in RandomAccessRecordings during summer ’06

and the tracks are antisipated by the boys downtown in Motown.Dont miss it.