Pysh Beatport


Pysh started in 2004 with scratch and turntable techniques, which gave him confidence in controlling the vinyl. Later on, he became interested in House music, which he plays in many forms: Tech/Progressive. From 2007 till 2009 he was an active member of artistic agency New Artists Promotion. He was an co-organizer of the party series such as: “I SEE YOU”, “Gronofonia” (2008) or “Lobotomia” (2009) and much more. Now he is a member of Promaid music agency.

He tries to diversify his sets with intresting sound arrangements, that’s why he often cooperates with other musicians. Performances in clubs gives him powerful kick of adrenaline, however he currently focused on producing his own sounds. Since July 2009 together with MiD, he runs Polish label NEW LIFE recordings.

Untill now he played in such clubs as: Piekarnia, M25, Fabryka Trzciny, Apartament, Klub Pańska97, Narkoza, Metafora, Vena, Eternal, GZ, Opium, Migawka, Lemon, Klub 55, Taboo, Tomba Tomba, Lorelei/Warszawa, Graffiti/Lublin, Mechanik/Gdańsk, 3club/Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Odysey, Graffiti/Wyszków, Sekcja8/Minsk Mazowiecki.