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Chicago, United States


Puppy Beatport


Brad M is one of the newest DJs breaking-out on the Chicago club scene. His music influences range all over from old school to mainstream. Having an opportunity to spend time outside of Chicago, Brad found himself on the LA club scene hearing some of the best DJs on the west coast.

His DJ career started shortly after returning to Chicago in early 2003. As a favor to a friend, he controlled the floor one evening a week at Charlie’s Chicago. It was there he found a natural comfort in the booth, and a passion for creating new ways to build a solid dance floor. He soon took his talents to a new home on the city’s southwest side at The Edge, where he can be found every Tuesday and Friday night. Infusing mainstream club cuts with harder beats and more soulful grooves, he thrives on pulling out fresh ways to keep the floor packed, and taking his crowd through a tour of emotions and moods.

In late 2004, Brad had the opportunity to fill a residency at Hydrate in Chicago. This was a great chance for him to break out in a new direction. While still bringing to the table his familiar mainstream sound, addictive house beats, and uplifting vocals, he had a chance to show a new side of himself with a harder, more tribal groove for which he is well becoming known.

Brad has also recently been added to the DJ list for the Chicago event, Fireball. He is ambitiously looking forward to his upcoming opportunities and is very excited about working with Fireball for the first time!