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My name is Lukasz Pucz. I was born 21 may 1984 year in Luban Slaski. Interest has appeared in primary school music. Then, I listened to music dance and pop. In seventh class of primary school frequently begin listening to music techno. I listen to its from that moment for today. I have reached in first class of average school for Techno Ejay 2 and Fruity Loops 3. Then, my first production emerged. Dreams grew with each day. I have obtained program for few from colleague months Virtual DJ. I made first sets on it. Time has come in 2005 year on program Reason. I have spent with this program six month as it answers me more Fruity Loops. lended voice from 2004 year with in internet radio. I have been chosen twice fairest assistant of editor. I have completed transmitting in 2006 year for radio, as musical stream was not build such that, but I lean them. It deals with from 2007 year production professionally. I search new solution for trance music through my production. I search sounds for production world-wide. I want to show world music in trance style.