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Oxford, United Kingdom


AKA: Andy Perring, Ija, Olmec Heads, The Basstarts, Trinity Project, Insigma

A State Of Trance (Armada), Armada Music, Flashover Recordings
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With a career totaling 80+ releases, spanning nearly 10 years and a discography of iconic productions and remixes under his belt Andy Perring aka Pulser isn’t just ‘another producer’. His constantly evolving style means he remains to many as one of the freshest and underrated figures in clubland yet he’s one of the most respected and consistent dance artists who for years has provided a soundtrack for the ‘more popular’ superstar DJ’s. His focus has been absolute and he remains firmly routed and passionate about making tracks for the dance floor.

Discovered by Paul Oakenfold in 1997 Andy helped popularize the sound of Trance that came to dominate clubland.

As part of Neo records live act ‘The Olmec Heads’ Andy exploded out of 1999’s emerging trance scene with the classic ‘Spiritualized’. Barely a week went by during 1999/2000 without an Olmec Heads track or remix appearing on the playlists at Radio 1. To achieve that level of success once is pretty impressive but it was quickly overshadowed when Andy went solo and created Pulser.

Collaborating with Steve Helstrip (The Thrillseekers) under the name ‘Insigma’ he co-wrote a string of classics including the huge Tiesto/Oakenfold anthem ‘Open Our Eye’s’ and also partnered UK trance legend Lange to form ‘The Basstarts’ who released 2 funky trancers (Atacama & Summer In Space) a 12" that PVD couldn’t stop playing for 6 months.

Other projects like 2001’s deep & progressive ‘Trinity Project EP’ also found a home at clubs like Twilo in New York with DJ’s like Sasha, John Digweed and others canning the unknown white label release, proving Andy’s creativity wasn’t limited to just making uplifting Trance.

After the huge exposure that Tiesto’s Magik 6 compilation gave ‘Cloudwalking’ Andy quickly found himself in heavy demand by some of the world’s biggest clubs. DJing was a natural progression and he broke through in style at the first of Godskitchen’s FutureGods nights.

Godskitchen became a regular fixture for Pulser who quickly reached headline status at the UK superclub and in 2003 they gave Pulser his biggest accolade yet by adopting his new single ‘My Religion’ as the first ever theme tune to their huge Global Gathering event. Global Gathering also saw Pulser rock the roof off with an impressive festival debut which led on to his first global ranking in DJ magazines poll reaching No111.

James Algate (Godskitchen) – "Pulser exploded onto the trance scene a few years ago after producing a number of unbelievable tracks. His Djing soon following suit when we realized he was not one to just sit in his studio twiddling knobs. After performing at a number of our high profile events Andy is now very much on the way to DJ superstardom?

Armin Van Buuren’s new label group Armada also saw ‘My Religion’ as perfect for their ‘A State Of Trance’ imprint and signed Pulser up for a 4 single deal with Andy becoming one of the first artists to sign to the now dominant label.

In 2004 things went supernova when Pulser made a special guest appearance alongside Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Marco V and Armin Van Buuren to a 25000 capacity crowd for the Madrid leg of the Ministry Of Sound/Bacardi world tour and Spain soon proved to be one of Pulser?s biggest fanbases after he pulled the 10,000 clubbers needed to fill the worlds biggest dance floor at Fabrik (Madrid) on his debut.

More countries like China, South Africa, Singapore and others got in on the action and Pulser rose even higher in 2005 headlining Spundae (LA), Gatecrasher (UK), Zouk (Malaysia) aswell as returning to established UK favourites, Godskitchen, Passion and the Gallery.

The productions also kept coming in the form of ‘Square One’ and ‘Point Of Impact’ and yet another project was born as he joined forces with ATCR/Surface label boss Tim Stark to record the massive ‘Haylon – Starfighter’. The year also saw the return of Andy’s Ija alias releasing the chilled, melodic ‘You Are Here’ on Lange Recordings.

Asked in a recent interview how he would describe his sound he simply said “I think I just play good dance music”.

Pulser’s DJ sets have experienced a massive evolution in the same way as his production style. Dropping Electro, Techno, progressive or breakbeat in the same set as pure trance is something most trance DJ’s shy away from but Pulser just seems to make it work and it’s this eclectic but well honed blend that’s now pushing the Pulser name into the big league. Trance still courses through his veins though and with tracks like ‘Cloudwalking’, ‘My Religion’ and 2005’s massive ‘Point Of Impact’ it’s easy to see why.