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Behind the project PULSEDRIVER stands Slobodan Petrovic jr. The congenial 29 year-old starts his dj career in 1990 in the most different clubs in Northern Germany, doing the most different styles. Rapidly he falls for the fascination of house, techno and trance. Particularly trance gives him the energy and motivation to master the difficult initial phase.

Through the experience he gains, he developes a need to do his own records, to immortalize his definition of trance on vinyl. With this he innovates from dj to producer.

1995 follows his first release ‘AQUALOOP – Twilight Zone’.The single quickly turn into a true clubhymn.

Further releases under that name and other club projects follow the great success of the first release.

The international breakthrough doesn’t start quite spectacular. In November 1997 the project PULSEDRIVER is brought to live. Under this name a new definition of innovative tranceis established: a harder, more pushing and kicking trance. The single ‘Pulsedriver – Rhythmic Trip’ wakes up the international club and rave scene and the following releases ‘Timemashine’ and ’I’m rushing’ turn PULSEDRIVER into a permanent club act.

The single ‘Kiss that sound / Something for your mind’ brings the commercial success. Sensational dance chart rankings are followed by the entrance into the German charts for the first time. With the following releases ‘I dominate U’, ‘Take U high’ and ‘Your Spirit is shining’ the way to the top goes on and on. The single Cambodoa/Recycle succeeds in all official European charts: for example No.11 in Germany and in Austria No. 5.

Till now he released 12 PULSEDRIVER-Singles and 2 PULSEDRIVER-Albums and all of them had entered the official charts

His innovative style turnes PULSEDRIVER ’best German remixer of the year 2002 & 2003- into a guarantor for club hits; with his great remix skills he helps artists like KIM WILDE, MILK INC., LASGO, VENGABOYS, BROOKLYN BOUNCE or FRAGMA to new success.

The PULSEDRIVER sound with its fast pace describes a new music style: ‘Trancecore’. Under this name Slobodan puts together lots of compilations that highly meets the expectations of the international clubbing and raving scene and continues his great success.

At the beginning of the new mIllenium, to give his ideas, productions and experience an own platform, he starts his own label ‘AQUALOOP RECORDS’. By now its the one of the most successful independent record companies in Germany with more than 20 entries in the official charts.