Born in 1972 in Mostar, his first contact with electronic music was at the age of 13 when he went to visit his older cousin, a professional DJ, in Hamburg, Germany. He soon realized that house was his true love among various music genres of that age. Puckman started spinning vinyl in the early 90’s, influenced by the many promising house DJs of that time. His exceptional mixing skills as well as the feel for the crowd earned him the recognition and respect of older and more experienced DJs on the scene. As the new age of electronic music was coming, Puckman adjusted his profound musical style to better suit current generation of listeners. His music became based on French electronic DJs, like Fafa Monteco, David Duriez, Jerome Pacman, D’julz, as well as some of the German music stars like Hardfloor and Toni Rios. Today, he continuously improves his sound, blending funky/acid/electro/progressive/minimal/tech house in a unique creation that we call: the beautiful music.