Ptx Beatport


PTX is Patrick David Chen one of the top israeli trance producer , PTX debut album – “Participate in the Experiment” was release in 2005 and since than he is playing at some of the biggest parties and festivals worldwide and releasing tracks on many compilations of various labels such as: BNE, Neurobiotic, Hommega, Phonokol, Compact, Sirius and Alchemy among many others have featured PTX trademark sound. Through the years, PTX has collaborated with quality artists such as Xerox & Illumination, Onyx, E-Jekt, Black & White, Psysex, Domestic, Intelabeam, Panick and more to produce creative dance floor hits. His style could best be described as full-on trance – loaded and fully equipped for the global dance floors, armed with a powerful rhythm section and loaded with psychedelic leads. PTX second album “Color Your Ears” was release in 2008 on Noya Records and turn out to be a big success among the psytrance scene around the world. PTX is now working on his 3rd album to come out sometimes soon on noya records.