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Safed, Israel


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Valentino Jorno is a multi talented artist who’s active in many art sorts: Music Production, Tattooing, Painting/Drawing and more. And on top of that is graduated with diploma of practical software engineering, and now studying 2 academic degrees simultaneously: First Degree – LLB in Law , Second Degree – MBA Business Management.

Valentino has 3 musical stage names that represents different music style: First one: Valentino Jorno , second one: VJorno, third one: PsySharrk.

As Valentino Jorno (his real name) produces uplifting trance music and more styles of electronic dance music.

As VJorno , produces Melodic PsyTrance , Psy-Progressive , Psy-Downtempo/Chillout/Dub/Ambient.

As PsyShark , produces PsyTrance – Psy-FX’s Style (based on Freaky Psychedelic Effects).

This separation (3 stage names) was done in order to avoid confusion, as each one of the 3 stage names has a specific music style that has it’s own fans, and for sure there are common fans that like the 3 projects of Valentino, but he prefers to play it safe and not to mix extremely different worlds together (sometimes it’s good but in general its confusing).

Valentino owns 2 record labels: PsyShark Records and Jorno Records.

In 2006 Valentino has created PsyShark records , using his stage name also for the label makes it easy to recognize the label’s owners (that was the idea), in PsyShark Records , 3 solo Albums by PsyShark were released, First Album: at 2007 “PsyShark – God Vs Satan” , Second Album: at 2008 “PsyShark – Acid Rules” , Third Album: at 2013 “PsyShark – Return of PsyShark”.

In addition to 3 PsyShark solo albums, 12 V/A compliations were released, compiled by PsyShark, First V/A compilation called “Trippy Sharks” released at 2006 and that was the first release by PsyShark Records, then from 2007 till 2012 another compliation series was released by 11 parts: V/A “PsyShark Vibes”.

Since 2012 Valentino has stopped releasing V/A compilations and was focused on his solo projects only, that’s due to many reasons (mainly personal ones, such as studying 2 academic degrees and more issues, since preparing V/A compilations was a time consuming, so that beautiful journey stopped forever, but continued as solo projects only).

In 2012 Jorno Records was created and Valentino Jorno’s first Trance album “Festival 1” was released in the same year, it contained 23 tracks, quite big size album but since it was released as digital format only then it was done that way.

Jorno Records has only 2 V/A trance compilations, named “Valentino Jorno Selection” (Parts: 1 & 2).

At 2013 the third and probably final project/stage-name “VJorno” was created.

under VJorno were produced over 14 tracks in the first year, 4 tracks were remakes/reproductions for known old bands hits, such as: Pink Floyd , Bob Marely, UB40, Opus, and more tracks are in progress, both remakes and original solo tracks by VJorno.

Stay tuned here by following Valentino’s soundcloud page in order to get his latest works.


The following surprise is for producers:

You can download 77 Full Cubase Projects of the 3 stage names: Valentino Jorno & VJorno & PsyShark:

Please note that Valentino provides you those projects for educational purpose only, so don’t edit & re-release the tracks because that’s disrespect for him and his distribution company will remove those tracks from shops if you do such a shameful thing (to re-release someone’s else work), so please avoid embracing actions, use them wisely, and have fun !

Cheers !

VJorno / Valentino Jorno / PsyShark