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Udi has been drawn to music since he was a child. At 12 he started spinning vinyl and dj’ing at home, and by 16 was blasting house music on the Tel Aviv club scene, raising the bar of dj’ing throughout the scene. At 18 udi settled into his music career, building a trance music production lab, known as the Basement Studio.

After a long battle with a recurring crash and encountering the error message “Sysex error code 4”…

Udi followed the guidance the studion provided and took the name Psysex.

Psysex hit the shelves with “4 days of madness” (with dave saragosi) and “alien cop” (with bansi from Gms) on 12inch vinyl with “krembo records”. Following this, he quickly started releasing tracks with his Friend yoni oshrat and within two years, at the young age when udi was 20. He released his first album with yoni – "Expressions of rage” under hommega records,

During this period, Udi kept on exploring new avenues of music and was involved in ongoing projects such as:

-Domestic goblin

-Unstables with pixel

The success of Psysex’s album took udi and yoni across the globe from japan to Brazil and down across South America, playing their music and moving the dance floor. In 2001, they released their second album "Hardcore Blastoff”. Immediately, tracks like “Little Black Hole”, Dominatrix, Dirty 80’s (with Infected Mushroom) gained huge dancefloor and dj popularity, increasing Psysex’s popularity among lover os psytrance around the world.

In 2002 Udi and Yoni took the project to the next level by producing a concept album about an alien invasion, “Come In Peace”, which was released in june 2003. This album represented the peak of creativity and collaboration between Udi and Yoni, following it’s release they went on a 2 year world tour, playing at the biggest festival’s, parties and clubs.

The long period of touring, lack of studio work and creativity flow took their toll. In 2005 Yoni and Udi decided to release one last remixes album together of their classic hits. Known as “Remixed”, the album included remixes made by Domestic & Pixel, Eskimo, Gms, X-Noize, llumination(Born Sleepy) and Violet Vision(J-views) a remix for by Psysex and bonus track produced by Udi and Eran (Star X).

In 2006 Udi realized he couldn’t abandon his love, and performed in new places around the world — Boom-Portugal, Zoom-Switzerland and Tribe Brazil, all the while producing and collaborating with other artists.

2007 was spent back in the Basement Studio, crafting his first solo album still under the name Psysex. The album, “Healing” was released in early 2008 on hommega. Including collaborations with Artists like "U-recken” in “The message” and “P.t.x” in “Hologram”, in addition to solo tracks of Udi like “Back To Nature” Frectus” and “Goa Human Experience”

After the excitement of the Healing album settled down, Udi found himself contemplating life and rethinking both his inner self and his music. Becoming a vegan and spending time in the high mountains of the Himalayas, changed Udi’s perception oflife and music, this time taking 6 years to complete his life masterpiece “Mind Penetration” That was released with "Hadra Records” in France on January 2014