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Psychodrums Aka Needlax & Miss Pockett

Barcelona, Spain


Needlax a.k.a. Oliver was born in Belgium, in Brussels on 15/03/1982.

Since young he was listening sounds like Nirvana and Prodigy

Miss Pockett a.k.a. Veronica was born in Spain in Moncada on 23/03/1983. She was listening the style from the 90’s

PSYCHODRUMS a.k.a. Needlax and Miss Pockett knew themselves in the year 2005. They start a relationship thanks of the Hardtechno Music.

This same year they where living in Barcelona and starting the PSYCHODRUMS project.

One year after they decided to go and try new things in Valencia, to make Hardtechno bigger over there.

They start to mix in Free Parties (Raves) and also in some clubs where they finally had a Residence in Liquid Music Club (Vlc) Psychodrums start Technoroom parties in Liquid Club with many international artists, like Bazz-Dee, Lexis, Svetec and more.

Thanks to those projects they start to play more in all spain and to let people know they sound.

After some parties they decided to move again to Barcelona and they start a new project, playing 4 decks + 2 mixer.

Now Psychodrums are with some new projects on 4decks in all Europe and America to show people they sound and they own productions with they Own Digital Label,

5 Minds Records.


La Cueva (Burgos – Spain), Virtual (Valencia – Spain), Liquid (Valencia – Spain), Jungle (Valencia – Spain), Barraca (Valencia – Spain), La Cova (Barcelona – Spain), Disturbia club (Barcelona – Spain), Splash (Tarragona – Spain),

Vogue (Barcelona – Spain), The Mill (Valencia – Spain), Blau (Gerona – Spain)

Wiesenweg Club (Berlin – Germany) – Golfus (Tarragona – Spain),

Jungle (Barcelona – Spain), Input (Barcelona – Spain), Cembran (Linz – Austria),

Metroklub (Sala – Slovakia), Tangram (Firenze – Italy)


Electric People Festival 2008 (Valencia)

Criminal Camp 2009 & 2010 – Nature One

After + Festival 2009

Montagood Festival 2010

Greenfield Festival 2010


Bazz-Dee, Lexis, Svetec, Misa Salacova, Ivee Live!, Candy Cox, Chering, Guillemotik, Buchecha, Punto, Alex TB, Painkiller, SNL, Nortech, Bass Dj, Loopin, Tim Rivers, Sepromatiq, Adrian Valera, Eto & Gab, Fernanda Martins, OBI and many mores


Radio stream on IFactor Radio (Hungary)

BPM FM (Hungary)

Bluster Radio Show

Vibes Radio (Bulgaria)

420bpm (Germany)

Links from Parties where Psychodrums played :

INDEPENDANCE – Austra – Oficial Trailer

DARKNESS 5- Slovakia – Oficial Trailer

CRIMINAL CAMP 2010 – Germany – Oficial Trailer

Live Parties :

AFTER + FESTIVAL 2009 – Vilabella

INDEPENDANCE 2 – Linz, Austria

BLAU CLUB – Gerona

CRIMINAL CAMP 2010 – Frankfurt, Germany

DJ Rush playing Psychodrums Tracks @ ROW14


17.12 @ Venezuela

23.12 @ Hungary

24.12 @ Austria

25.12 @ Spain

December 2011 – South America TOUR TBC

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Needlax Oliver

MissPockett Vero