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Psycho Bitch

Chicago, United States

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In the span of youthful life that most people spend clubbing, not many people really get to know the DJ at those clubs. Most people just see the DJ either as some flunky spinning records or as some kind of major celebrity starring in the show. The woman known as DJ Psycho-Bitch is not anyone’ flunky, and she does MORE than star in the show.

It was 1991 when I first heard the name DJ Psycho-Bitch. At first, I thought that it was a peculiar name for a DJ. Heck, at that time, I was in a world where DJs carried names like Ralphi “Rockin” Rosario and Derrick “The Maestro” Carter. All I knew of her was a few hot mix cassettes that were on the top shelf at Gramaphone Records.

Years passed, and it was 1996. While shopping at Gramaphone for new vinyl to play at Venus Nightclub, a female employee pointed out a cool record on her wall as a possibility. The record was “Generation X” by King Size, and it sounded awesome. Upon looking on the wall’ designation, the female employee was this DJ Psycho-Bitch that I had heard of in 1991.

As time passed, I kept shopping at Gramaphone and sought new sounds from DJ Psycho-Bitch and her wall. My frequency at Gramaphone led her to invite me to the various parties and clubs that she was spinning at. One Saturday night, I took a group of friends to see DJ Psycho-Bitch spin live at Crobar the Nightclub. The bouncers wouldn’t let us enter, simply because my friends and I did not look “hot” enough to be in Crobar the Nightclub.

The next day, I told Psycho about this. She immediately handed me a business card and said: “The next time you want to go to Crobar on a Saturday, call me in the afternoon and I’ll put you on my personal guest list.” Most people see this as being “connected”, I saw it as making a new friend.

Months passed, and I made it a point to frequent the clubs that Psycho worked in, not just because of her guest list, but also because she played music that moved souls. The music was original in sound. You would never hear the same vibe twice. The music was also energetic, but not cheesy like Top 40 music.

DJ Psycho-Bitch exemplifies the idea of “hard work always pays off”. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she drops to sleep, Psycho works. Whether it’ selling records at Gramaphone, selling DJ gear at Midwest Stereo, or promoting her residencies at Red Dog and Crobar the Nightclub, she’ always in a nonstop state of busy. It’ her hard work that made Crobar the Nightclub Saturdays the hottest night in Chicago. Her hard work also kept her Saturdays hot even in an onslaught of new clubs like Karma, The Dragon Room and Stardust.

There are many DJs out there, even some talented ones. Not all of them are DJ Psycho-Bitch. — A perspective by D-Jam