Psy-Trance, Trance


He plays psychedelic music which includes Classic / Psychedelic Rock for easy, reflective listening and Full On Psychedelic Goa Trance, for times when the self dissolves in the oneness created with music as we stomp away to glory !

Psybates uses Traktor DJ Studio 3.2 as the platform to play music and has been doing so ritually since 2005. He has played at selective underground / private parties over the last 2 years, also co-hosted / organized these gatherings on certain celestial and spiritual occasions such as Solar / Lunar eclipses, Maha Shivratri, Buddha Poornima and also based on concepts which raise our collective consciousness to higher realms of divinity and are basically a lot of fun with people sending positive beams of energy all around. He believes that we are all truly infinite spiritual beings having a human experience ! This is our belief and the whole trance dance experience is our expression of thankfulness to the ONE for this consciousness by means of which " We Experience " and " We Are " ! Music has a deeper effect on our minds than what appears on the surface. It has the ability to transform us magically into sheer positive energy after which we just radiate. Our separateness will one day melt into an all pervading awareness of Oneness and together we dance and shed all our fears and anxiety to make way for the light in celebration of all that is !

((( We are One )))