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Prude Polly

Adult Records, CP Series, Sexy Grooves
Prude Polly Beatport


Prude Polly the alter ego of infamous Dutch DJ and producer Paul Hazendonk, and also the person behind the widely known and very succesful techno labels Adult Records, Relatives and Work Hard Play Hard. Nearly all the well known players in the hardgroove techno scene have released on these labels. To name a few: Boriqua Tribez, Pedro Delgardo, Hertz, Marko Nastic, Collins & Behnam, Axel Karakasis, Spiros Kaloumenos, Carl Falk, Elton D (and the list goes on and on).

After a long period of silence, finally the time has come for Prude Polly to come out of his shell and drop some hard funkin’ techno madness on various labels. Be sure to keep an eye out for this guy!


Wyrus & Prude Polly – Mi Mundo [Groove Worxx]

Wyrus & Prude Polly – I Hope It’s Final [Adult Records]

Prude Polly & DJ Cristiao – All Is Relative [Patterns Special Series]

Prude Polly & DJ Cristiao – Hot Stu [CP Series]

Prude Polly – Double Dutchin [Adult Records]

Prude Polly – Push On [Adult Records]


Jesus Soblechero – That Band (Prude Polly & DJ Cristiao remix) [Patterns]

Errol Dix – Drunken Slotmachine (Wyrus & Prude Polly remix) [Propeller]

Kali – More Funk (Wyrus & Prude Polly remix) [Sub Cult]

Luky RDU – Back To The Night (Wyrus & Prude Polly rmx) [Work Hard Play Hard]

Oliver Koop – Strange Day (Wyrus & Prude Polly remix) [Take More Music]

Peppelino – Base (Wyrus & Prude Polly remix) [Work Hard Play Hard]

Wyrus & Dastin – Radio Assault (Wyrus & Prude Polly rework) [Groove Worxx]

Mat 303 & Josh Love – Princessita (Prude Polly remix) [Patterns]

Zule – Leilaa (Wyrus & Prude Polly remix) [Adult Records]

A Paul – Recycled (Prude Polly remix) [Naked Lunch]

Miche & Mirzinho – Scanadium (Prude Polly remix) [Propeller]

Raul Mezcolanza – Mambo (Prude Polly remix) [Kazoo Records]

Karagiannis & PayLipService – Remember (Prude Polly remix) [KeepOnTechno]

Carl Falk – Sticky Fingers (Prude Polly remix) [Adult Records]

DJ Slave – Marnella (Prude Polly remix) [Relatives]


Christian Peak – Ahoww (Wyrus & Prude Polly remix) [Propeller]

Wyrus & Prude Polly – For The Win [Sexy Grooves]

Prude Polly & DJ Cristiao – Alexandra / Sofia [Patterns Special Series]

Prude Polly, Wyrus, Cristiao, Christian Peak – Collabs EP [Adult Records]

Prude Polly & DJ Cristiao – Zamunda [P-Series / Adult Limited]

Wyrus & Prude Polly – Bandolero [Cobra Records]

Wyrus & Prude Polly – Barcaloneta [Keep On Techno]

Christian Peak & Prude Polly – Arabian Nights / Paradiso [CP Series]

Christian Peak & Prude Polly – Snake [Lucky]

Christian Peak & Prude Polly – Afterdawn / Felsh [CP Series]

Daniela Haverbeck – Boogie Feeling (Cristiao & Prude Polly remix) [Adult]

George Privatti – Kuka Express (Wyrus & Prude Polly remix) [Privatti]

Rodrigo Risso – Fun It (Christian Peak & Prude Polly remix) [CP Series]