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PRT Stacho

Dj / Producer / Remixer.

He began his music career in 1999. During many years he was working on improving his own style. Debut release “Inellectic” was released in December 2007. In the middle of 2008 he got support from different djs and producers all over the world. It’s gave him an opportunity to became one of the NewBorn Records owner and successfully promote himself and his label.

2009 was a good year for PRT Stacho. He began to work with such techno producers as Ahmet Sendil, Mario Miranda, Glitter, Joe Maker and many more. His music is getting high positions in the top 100 Beatport Charts. In the same year he began working with such labels as Bosphorus Underground Records (Turkey), Malatoid Records (Italy), Killing Machine Records (UK), 3 Liquid Hz Records (Romania), Teggno Records (USA), Punch Underground (Brazil). Also he is getting many remix offers from different countries of Europe and USA. He is also taking part in radio shows in Germany, Israel, USA, UK, Columbia, Ukraine, Switzerland and other countries.

Nowadays PRT Stacho is spending much time in the studio making new music and and playing it on the gigs.


PRT Stacho – Eho/ Bosphorus Underground Recordings/ 08.07.2010

PRT Stacho – Desert Storm/ Bosphorus Underground Recordings/ 01.07.2010

PRT Stacho – Mystical Effect/ FHD Records// 29.06.2010

PRT Stacho – Modern History/ NewBorn Records/ 01.06.2010

PRT Stacho – Collaboration/ Bosphorus Underground Recordings/ 04.05.2010

Bosphorus Underground Various Vol.6/ Bosphorus Underground Recordings/ 30.03.2010

PRT Stacho & Sergey Sexton – Factura/ Bosphorus Underground Recordings/ 16.03.2010

PRT Stacho & Ange – Jasmin/ Bosphorus Underground Recordings/ 09.03.2010

PRT Stacho – Atlantis/ Killing Machine Records/ 04.02.2010

PRT Stacho – Metro/ NewBorn Records/ 20.01.2010

PRT Stacho – HB25 EP/ Bosphorus Underground Records/ 06.01.2010

Malatoid Select Vol.3/ Malatoid Records/ 21.12.2009

PRT Stacho – Traffic EP/ Bosphorus Underground Records/ 24.11.2009

PRT Stacho – Banifatsy EP/ Teggno Records/ 12.10.2009

PRT Stacho & Dibro – Amusing/ 3 Liquid Hz Records/ 01.10.2009

PRT Stacho – Tears/ NewBorn Records/ 24.09.2009

PRT Stacho – Underground Race/ NewBorn Records/ 13.07.2009

PRT Stacho – Artificial Intellect/ NewBorn Records/ 15.05.2009

PRT Stacho – Collapse/ NewBorn Records/ 09.04.2009

PRT Stacho – ReConstruction/ NewBorn Records/ 27.02.2009

PRT Stacho feat. Ange – Euromania/ NewBorn Records/ 09.02.2009

PRT Stacho – Excuse/ NewBorn Records/ 14.01.2009

PRT Stacho – Karavan/ iRecords/ 01.12.2008

PRT Stacho – Selfishness/ Royal Tracks Records/ 14.11.2008

PRT Stacho – Desertion/ Royal Tracks Records/ 07.11.2008

PRT Stacho & Brain Pitcher – Corp Umbrella/ NewBorn Records/ 01.11.2008

PRT Stacho – Genesis/ Royal Tracks Records/ 25.10.2008

PRT Stacho – Oasis|Disfigured/ Royal Tracks Records/ 24.09.2008

PRT Stacho – Industry/ Royal Tracks Records/ 17.05.2008

PRT Stacho – Parometric/ NewBorn Records/ 28.04.2008

PRT Stacho – Ded Water/ Royal Tracks Records/ 26.03.2008

PRT Stacho – The Room Of Truth EP/ Royal Tracks Records/ 14.02.2008

PRT Stacho – Minimalist Race EP/ NewBorn Records/ 24.01.2008

PRT Stacho – Inellectic EP/ NewBorn Records/ 07.01.2008


Yura Popov feat Ange – Feel The Lie (PRT Stacho Remix)/ Carica Forza/ 28.05.2010

Concepto – False (PRT Stacho Remix)/ Bosphorus Underground Recordings/ 04.05.2010

Jacob Seville – Sangho (PRT Stacho Remix)/ Levitate Records/ 16.04.2010

Ricky Ambilotti – Construkt (PRT Stacho Remix)/ 3 Liquid Hz Records/ 07.04.2010

Johnny Beast – Clouds (PRT Stacho Remix)/ NewBorn Records/ 06.04.2010

Greenbeam & Leon – Polar Palace (PRT Stacho Remix)/ Bosphorus Underground Recordings/ 30.03.2010

Glitter – Oh Yeah (PRT Stacho Remix)/ Punch Underground/ 18.03.2010

Talal & Zoi – At The Bottom (PRT Stacho Remix)/ Bosphorus Underground Recordings/ 03.02.2010

G.E.N.O.M. – Corporation (PRT Stacho Remix)/ Aeternum Records/ 11.11.2009

Subritual – City Light (PRT Stacho Remix)/ NewBorn Records/ 14.10.2009

Bs As Deep & Maxi Iborquiza – Walking Men (PRT Stacho Remix)/ NewBorn Records/ 31.08.2009

Danilov – Pendulum (PRT Stacho Remix)/ NewBorn Records/ 22.02.2008

Ilya Gushin Feat. Melani Sky – With Love (PRT Stacho Mix)/ Royal Tracks Records/ 13.05.2008

Dee Hec – Majestic (PRT Stacho Remix)/ Royal Tracks Records/ 14.05.2008