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Nate Raubenheimer started out his music career at the tender age of seven when he received his first electronic keyboard. He went on to discover jazz and classical music before becoming obsessed with synthesizers, computers and electronic music. His musical explorations have taken him through many different styles of music including breaks, house and electro.

After finishing school, with a background of basic music studies and personal experience with computer recording, he went on to study sound engineering at Cape Town City Varsity. There he worked on many aspects of modern sound recording and engineering, from film to live band recordings before finding his place in the psy trance scene. He was first introduced to the music by Regan and Gareth Tacon, currently co-owners of Nano Records. Before even attending one of the much talked about South African outdoor parties, he wrote his first single, “superhighway samurai”. The track was picked up by DJ Anti, and was released on Mechanism, a compilation by Sweden’s Spiral Trax Label Group. His sound was instantly recognizable as his signature style, a blend of full on grooves, progressive structures, and epic “morning” melodies.

This sound was refined over the next year, with his signing to Nano Records and the subsequent release of numerous tracks such as “Synergism” and “Ultraphunktional”, released on Nano Record’s Emergence Compilation, which received much acclaim after its initial release just before the European summer in 2001. Following the overnight success of Emergence, “New Directions” on Nano Record’s “Dilations” compilation was a turning point for Nate. This can still be regarded as was finished and released on Nano’s follow up, “Dilations”. This is Nate’s most celebrated track to date, and received much acclaim worldwide.

The debut album, Refractions, followed closely afterwards, featuring dance floor success’s such as “Melody Machine”, “Avalon”, and a remix of the aforementioned “New Directions”. With the success of the album, Nate’s career as a live performer and dj, took off at great speed. After numerous parties in South Africa, he first headed off to England for the acclaimed Glastonbury Music Festival. This festival plays host to hundreds of acts and draws crowds in excess of 150 000 people every year. Gigs in Japan followed, as well as extensive tours in Europe, including France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Denmark and others. To date he has played on every major continent, and received much praise for his energetic and emotional live shows. He has appeared along side dj and artists outside of the psy trance scene such as Sasha, Timo Maas, Anthony Papa, Orbital, Aphex Twin, Square Pusher, Richy Horton, and others.

Nate has also worked on other projects including his dj compilation, “Natural Selection” on Nano Records, as well as Ghost, a side project focusing on breaks and ambient, as well as forming half of the Silver Surfers. His releases can be seen on many labels including Mind Control, Phonokol, Alchemy, Exposure, Compakt, Proton, Light Music Japan, Turbo Trance and others. Further collaborations include work with Tristan, Hydrophic, Pogo, and Rinkadink, as well as remixes for Silicon Sounds, Sesto Sento and D-Nox and Beckers, amongst many others.

The new album from Protoculture, “Circadians” is currently in the pipeline and should be available towards the end of 2005.