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Proteus has gained the respect to be called as Finland’s the most known Hard Dance-DJ. Proteus’ techno history began in early 1990’s with industrial music. He started to listen to techno when he began raving. Soon after that he began to collect records and started spinning at home. Proteus has been DJ’ing for 8-9 years in his home country Finland and first started playing at free underground parties. At that time nobody played styles like Hard NRG and Hardtrance, so Proteus and a couple of his friends decided to organize underground parties where they could play this type of music. Proteus and his friends were the key figures in creation of Hard NRG and Hardtrance scenes in Finland.

From 1998 to 2004 Proteus gained more success in Finland and has played all over Finland, every major club and events; Labyrinth, Hallmark, Millennium, Fantasy, Säde, Rush, Storm, Vertigo, Pacifique, Trancehouse meets Lab-4, Celebration Generation, Reactor, Turbulence and Koneisto.

Proteus has also gained a permanent residency with Logic, which is held at the legendary Fridge at London, UK, and whom he has played now about 3 years for on several occasions. In the UK he has also played at Lab-4’s Laboratory Experiment 2, Frantic vs. Logic, Heat vs. Logic, Ying Yang, Seed and for Torture Garden, which is one of the world’s biggest and most famous fetish and kinky clubs.

Proteus’ biggest gig so far was in December 2003 at Impulz which is a huge 25 000 people indoor techno festival in Holland. He played the second last set at the main arena. Proteus has also played at

HQ club in Amsterdam Holland. Year 2004 Proteus signed a contract for Holland and other Benelux countries with Concept Bookings, which is UDC’s (Dance Valley, Impulz, HQ) own booking agency.

Besides Finland, UK and Holland Proteus has also played in Estonia with the Finnish Kinky Club. Year 2004 is going to be the greatest and busiest year for Proteus so far with gigs in Holland at massive Dance Valley, Dance Valley Winter Edition, Impulz Outdoor, 4 Elements, in Uk at Laboratory Experiment 2, Tidy Summer Camp, Atomic Energy, Logic and also with confirmed gigs in Hong Kong, Australia, Germany and Finland!

Proteus has played alongside with such DJs and live acts as Lab-4, Astral Projection, Yoji Biomehanika, Captain Tinrib, Nuw Idol, K-90, Nick Sentience, Opal, Andy Farley, Karim, Kevin Energy, Kai Tracid, Scot Project, BK, Westbam, Yves De Ruyter…

As well as being a DJ, Proteus and his friends are also running their own organization and club called Säde in Helsinki, Finland. They have organized many very successful parties and club nights in a period of over 5 years. Säde was voted as The Best Club in Finland for 2003 on Finnish Club Awards. Such live acts and DJs as Lab-4, Kevin Energy, The Mexican, Dj Fury, Orkidea, Kris Kylven, Carbon Based, Alek Száhala and Re-form have performed at Säde. Proteus and his friends are also organizing an industrial event called Inferno and underground fetish club called Tuska.