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Prosper Rek

Armada Deep, DAYS like NIGHTS
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Prosper Rek (1985), born in London, but raised in Amsterdam, grew up in a musical environment where he was surrounded by music in various manners. Prosper (as a kid) played the violin for nine years before switching to bass-guitar which, combined with his love for various music styles, lay a solid foundation to understand the diversity and emotion within music. Since the age of 10 Ibiza has been a yearly travel destination that created a special love for the sound of this music innovating island. Prosper’s love and feelings for house music became deeper and deeper as the years went by. He decided to order all the necessary DJ-equipment to practice, and started his career. He knew that if he wouldn’t try, the question ‘what if’ would chase him for the rest of his life.

In the summer of 2008, after gigs at nightclubs in Amsterdam, he left for Ibiza to play at renowned beach club venues like Blue Marlin, Nassau Beach, Jockey Club and the Pacha Terrace. 2009 got him a residency at Blue Martin that settled him as an international DJ. After the success of 2009, summer 2010 has been another successful summer at Blue Marlin with various famous DJ’s joining him behind the tables.

Coming from such a diverse musical background, and heavily influenced by the Ibizan music scene, Prosper Rek’s style can be described as diverse. He has a non-commercial but nonetheless approachable style for a broad audience. Playing at Deep-house and House/Techno gigs, every single time is a challenge, adaptability is the key.