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O Project46 nasceu em 2008 com amigos de infância que tinham uma banda cover de Slipknot (Kroach) que posteriormente partiram para um novo “projeto” de músicas autorais. Seu primeiro registro foi com o EP intitulado If You Want Your Survival Sign Wake up Tomorrow contendo 4 faixas em inglês. Depois de mais de 30 shows a banda já tinha material novo e estava pronta para gravar seu primeiro álbum. 

Em 2011, o Project46 gravou seu primeiro álbum, o Doa a Quem Doer que contou com a produção do renomado produtor Adair Daufembach (Hangar, John Wayne, Pray for Mercy, Command6, Huaska, Ponto Nulo no Céu, Against Tolerance, entre outros). 

Doa a Quem Doer foi disponibilizado para download gratuito no site oficial do Project46 além de ser o primeiro registro da banda com letras cantadas em português. A mudança foi muito positiva e a banda ganhou muito mais fãs e admiradores.

Em 2012, foi lançado o EP Ao Vivo no Inferno com 5 faixas ao vivo, incluindo um cover de Slipknot. O registro foi feito em São Paulo na tradicional casa de shows, Inferno Club e no mesmo ano, a banda participou do mega-festival MAQUINARIA FEST no Chile.

Em 2013 a banda foi a única representante nacional do line-up do MONSTERS OF ROCK Brasil 2013 na Arena Anhembi em São Paulo. Até o final de 2013, a banda promoveu a turnê DOA A QUEM DOER Tour e contabilizou mais de 80 shows, 3 vídeo-clipes e 25 mil downloads oficiais do álbum e 3 mil cópias vendidas.

Recentemente o Project46 lançou seu segundo álbum de estúdio intitulado Que Seja Feita a Nossa Vontade, lançado em Abril de 2014 em todo o território nacional pelo selo Wikimetal Music. O álbum assinado novamente pelo produtor Adair Daufembach, tem como temática principal a atual situação sócio-economica do nosso país que passa por um momento difícil onde passea pela corrupção, violência, desigualdade e injustiça.

Atualmente a banda está em turnê pelo novo álbum, e já participou de grandes festivais pelo Brasil e Chile, além de participar de 3 shows da última tour do Cavalera Conspiracy pela América do Sul.


Rising up from the gritty and chaotic streets of the world’s second largest megatropolis, São Paulo, Brazil, Project46 has been shredding up the local metal scene in South America’s largest city for the past few years. Their music gives you a sneak peek into the urban jungle they call home and taps the listener into the darker, dirtier side of life in Brazil, proving it’s not all caipirinhas and Bossa Nova in this country of 200 million. Harnessing the simmering rage of a society on edge, Project46 is now poised to unleash this fury worldwide.

Guitarists Jean Patton and Vinicius Castellari spew out fierce, modern metal riffs combined with the explosive, in your face vocals of frontman Caio MacBeserra and rounded out by the thick and throbbing bass lines of Rafael Yamada and the vicious, unrelenting drumming of Henrique Pucci, who incorporates traditional brazilian rhythms in his hardcore/metal drumming style.

Formed in 2008 by childhood friends, Project46, independently released their first full length album in 2011, which is already in its third pressing (as well as being downloaded and streamed for free through their Facebook page, website and YouTube channel.

With the help and expertise of Brazilian metal producer, Adair Daufembach, Project46’s second and latest album, Que Seja Feita a Nossa Vontade, was released early 2014 by the Wikimetal label and stunned both fans and critics alike with its controversial lyrics and volatile sound, heavily peppered with Brazilian rhythms and flavors. The band performed to a sold out crowd at their second self-produced ‘’46Fest” in April at Sao Paulo’s renowned Carioca Club to launch their sophomore effort, complete with an array of other up and coming local metal acts playing in support.

Project46 works just as hard offstage and out of the studio. Members individually contribute specific skills and strengths to other fundamental band business, such as their design elements, social media presence, online merchandise sales and the professional audio and video production of clips posted to their YouTube channel. All of this combined has helped them to secure prominent sponsorships and endorsement deals
 with ESP Guitars, Sennheiser Microphones, MCD, Peavey, Jagermeister and Axis Percussion.

It’s no surprise that all of this hard work has attracted a rapidly growing, frenzied, and devoted fan base. “Likes” on Facebook went from 35,000 to over 115,000 in just the past year alone. And thanks to the dedication and viral support of their fans, they were voted as one of the only national acts to play the 2013 Monsters of Rock Festival in São Paulo. As the opening band for day one, they unleashed a ferocious 50 minute set, winning over the sold out crowd of 60,!000 metal fanatics there to see the likes of Gojira, Hatebreed, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Korn. In 2012, they shared the stage with such greats as Slayer, Deftones, Cavalera Conspiracy, Stone Sour, and K!ISS at the Maquinaria Festival in Santiago, Chile. 

In addition to these hugely popular festivals, Project46 has become THE go-to band called upon to open for notable, international acts coming to play in and around the state of São Paulo; heavyweights like Biohazard, Emmure, Hirax, All That Remains, Heaven Shall Burn!, Aborted, Parkway Drive and Cavalera Conspiracy. 

Along the way the band has garnered some serious media attention. Featured in an episode of a popular, Brazilian television program called "A Liga”, they were presented as the biggest up and coming metal band in an episode exploring the top current musical trends in Brazil. Project46 were also recently invited as guests on Sepultura guitarist’s weekly radio show, “Andreas Kisser’s Picks” on São Paulo’s Radio Rock 89.1, where they were interviewed by Andreas and had several tracks played from their debut album.

The band is also currently seeking distribution opportunities for its U.S. /worldwide release, as well pursuing offers to be a supporting act on a full or partial North American tour for an established metal act.

Fellow countrymen and musical forefathers, Sepultura, have helped pave the way for Project46 by providing legitimacy to and worldwide recognition of the unique and driving riffs and rhythms associated with the sound of Brazilian metal. The world’s magnifying glass will be set on Brazil for the next few years with the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics in 2016, but perhaps it would be wise to narrow that focus down a bit to the southeastern part of the country for an entirely different Brazilian experience. Turn up the volume and expand your vision, for in the smoldering depths of São Paulo, there is a fire rising from the blistering sounds of Project46. Their city has a Latin motto – “Non ducor, duco” – I am not led, I lead. And without a doubt, Project46 embodies this statement in their no-holds-barred, incendiary onslaught of cutting-edge metal. Where they lead, you will most certainly want to follow.