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Project C

United States



Project C has had a deep love for music all his life, especially while growing up in the 1980s. From playing the piano for 5 years as a child to making mix tapes with no transitions, his tastes were broad and varied, but despite the variety, early in his life, he discovered his love for electronic music. Because of the harmonic synths that were used by artists like Depeche Mode, Erasure, and Pet Shop Boys, a path was laid that Project C liked and knew he wanted to follow.

In 1998, however, Project C heard the track “Remember” by BT, a well-known electronic music artist, which became a turning-point in his life where he realized he wanted to do more than just listen to great trance mixes… he wanted to create them.

With no real direction or the know-how to begin, Project C was unable to start his new journey until 2003, when he met his mentor, DJ GT. Following closely aside GT, Project C not only learned how to mix music, he also gained a new passion for trance music all together. While GT’s own developed style was smooth, this did not stop Project C from developing a style of his own, incorporating more aggressive transitions and higher energy trance.

During his journey of mixing, the roads were not always smooth. Having the guidance of DJ GT was a major plus in Project C’s life, but through countless hours of frustration, it was he, alone, that had to press on to create mixes he could be satisfied with. However, when the old saying “practice makes perfect” became Project C’s new motto, he knew that his ambitions were worth every drop of sweat.

Striving to perfect his newfound craft, his addiction for mixing grew stronger. He credits days of no sleep and mixing the night away with friends, these of course being nicknamed “The Superstar Weekends”. To him, these, along with other unforgettable memories, are the most important practice he got.

“For me,” Project C says, “the addiction was to hear two perfect beats on top of each other. Then adding more elements of different tracks… it’s just beautiful. In the beginning, it was pretty frustrating but I knew what the rewards were when I heard awesome sets.”

In 2003, Project C compiled his first solo mix with pride, entitled “The Phase 1 (Time of our Lives)”. Playing local clubs in his hometown of Los Angeles, California, teaming up with DJ GT in September 2004 at a popular club “The Stock Exchange”, and having his mixes played on Digitally Imported radio, one of the largest Internet radio stations dedicated to many popular genres of electronic music, things simply began falling into place.

While Project C’s heart lies with vocal trance, recently, his tastes have broadened in regards to his mixes. Experimenting with alternative progressive and progressive/house sounds, coupled with an open mind and willingness to try new things, is the reason Project C’s mixes are always fresh, original, and something to look forward to.

You can check his website to download DJ GT & Project C’s mixes, or have a listen to their radio station “Generation Trance Radio”, both located at: generationtrance.