Prodigal Son Beatport


The mission of Dj Prodigal Son is to minister to the youths music scenes. Dj Prodigal Son is here to introduce (or properly reintroduce) those people to Christ in a way that is appealing, understandable, and welcoming to them. Dj Prodigal Son is an online community music project where these people can come get encourage and be inspired by others’s. Post message on the message boards, get connected with people like themselves for friendship and support, and listen to and learn about music that they enjoy that glorifies God. The mission of Dj Prodigal Son in one sentence would be: “Bringing youths to Christ and helping them stick with Him.”

I, Rob C personally feel very strongly called to youth ministry. I want people to know who I am, so they know who creates an writes the Dj Prodigal Son music. I focus my ministry on youth, because they are my peers and I can help them better understand what it means to be a child of God and a Christian.

Peace and Love

DJ Prodigal Son