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DJ PRINZ , the coolest breeze in Belgium’s Club scene. He started his DJ career at Cafe d’Anvers and has been shaking up dance floors for the last eight years around Europe. His colorful style, positive energy and real house music have caught the ears and hearts of party people and have taken him to Moscow, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, Ibiza, Amsterdam and many other places where the party is going on, and on, and on.

DJ Prinz, one of Belgium’s Finest djs, has been turning heads for the last eight years in his country and the international house scene. Prinz has steadily grown in popularity at home and abroad thanks to the positive energy and music style he incarnates: deep, tech and electro house.

His journey has led to residencies at the infamous Cafe d’Anvers in his hometown Antwerp and at the ultra-hip Supperclub in Amsterdam. Recently his musical activities have also extended successfully to producing music for a number of labels (lumrecordings). His tracks have been included in compilations of both Supperclub and CafE d’Anvers, and are becoming more mature and appreciated every step of the way. His fourth single My Sound on the Belgian label (La Belle Noire) was number one on Dj Oliver’s(Amnesia-Ibiza) top ten 2002.

From 2000 and onwards DJ Prinz spread his activities to other fields of the music business, being responsible for A&R at Butterfly Records (BE) and currently for LUM Recordings, and PR and Bookings at the Bar Room in Antwerp, one of the first successful DJ Lounges in the country. His residencies at Café d’Anvers, Supperclub and Now&Wow (Rotterdam) gave him the chance to work with lots of internationally renowned Djs. and continue to share his positive energy with thousands of enthusiastic clubbers.

Unlike other Dj’s Prinz has been to Moscow (Museum, Shambala, Zima, Culture Club, Mix Club, Propaganda, Jet Set, Shu) 15 times in the last two years, thanks to a number of Russian promoters that simply fell in love with music style. A mix cd for MDMA (Moscou Music Dj Association) came out and also a compilation for Philips Moscou. In 2004 he was also in Kazachstan , Bulgaria, Macedonie and Georgie

Sets at places such as Tamarz Lounge and Ice (Tel Aviv), Chemistry, More, Ministry (Amsterdam), Satrincha, KM 5, Amnesia, La Dyosa, Space, La Troya(Ibiza), Garden Party in Isle de la Reunion, Rox & Pacha & Ultimatum in Porto, Rex, Queen, Follies Pigalles, Wagg (Paris), Rage Dingue (Barcelona-Rosas), Dancatoria (Barcelona), Reve d`O (Geneva), Club Park,Day After,Stereo, Club Karma (Portugal), Rave party in Montreal , Villa Rouge (Montpellier), Rangavillas (Hamburg), Braderie 2002 (Lille), Triplex (Luxemburg)and performing at huge festivals such as Dancevalley Impulz ( and Antwerp is Burning made sure that people in the rest of Europe found out that Belgians are much more than beer-drinking, chocolate-eating people, but rather a special breed that makes crowds go wild and turn the place UPSIDEDOWN, or as people in Antwerp say: He blew the roof off!!!