Top 25k on The DJ List

Princess Music

Denver, United States


Princess Music is a five piece, all-star cast of classically-trained players, with backgrounds in a spectrum of musical stylings from chamber music to math metal. They rip through tightly orchestrated complexities and upbeat harmonies with a mixture of expertise and mirth. The music is built for the heart and the head, with the poignant narratives and spiritually evocative content found within classically influenced rock structures.

Princess Music arrangements simultaneously project intelligence and Embody subtle pop sensibilities that allow casual music listeners to embrace it in all its glory. The band is fronted by Tyler Ludwick, a crooner harking to the likes of David Byrne, David Longstreth, and Zach Condon, who takes his classical guitar training to an electric guitar, his composition skills to cello and violin textures, and his drumming background to the overall poly rhythmic and irregular meters of the music. Ludwick is a playfully serious singer, who wears a deep emotional connection to his music on his sleeve.

Tyler Ludwick (Guitar, Lead Vocals) is joined by Rachel Sliker (Violin), Psyche Cassandra Dunkhase (Cello), Robin Chestnut (Drums), Jeremy Averitt (Bass, Vocals)