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Prince Moe

Vienna, Austria

House, Tech House

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Motto: “speaking a language everyone understands … MUSIC!”

Touched down in the hottest cities around the world. New York, Paris, London, Budapest, Geneva, Rhodes, Vienna and many more… The concept and style of DJ Prince Moe was born. Take a deep trip into HOUSE MUSIC, DANCE & ELECTRONIC TUNES. Music with style, sex appeal, addiction and full of groove that will dance you away to the high skies.

His style is innovative, but most of all productive. His cosmopolitan sets are full of dynamic sounds unifying different genres together from Funk to Rock, Disco to Electro and Dance to House all into one perfect sound. Unlike most DJ’s, Prince Moe uses modern high technology (studio) equipment in order to play and produce LIVE by programming samples, loops, cue points, effects and re-arranging songs into different spectrums. His artistic visions and ideas come live to sound, while most people dance and get fascinated by a live remix or a mash-up. Started out young at the age of 10, his interest to arts, singing, writing and music grew from time to time.

The collection of countless CD’s led to practicing the art of mixing. He kept sharpening his skills till he was able to enter the nightlife as a DJ. Known as an artist who constantly seeks to change and evolve his style with the opportunity to experiment and to collect inspiration from other styles, DJ’s, artists and most of all the people. Prince Moe has mastered all sub-genres of House Music and is known for switching between Club House, Tech-House, Minimal, Deep House, Vocal House, Electronic, Progressive, Dance, Swing House, Funky House and Ethnic House beats.

With a unique international flair, a fine attention and detail for the music, he has managed to gain a timeless style of his own. Prince Moe performs regularly at prestigious clubs and events and is one of the DJ’s that is constantly booked on Fashion Events, VIP & Exclusive Clubbings. He has acquired a great deal of experience throughout his work, gained great respect from crowds and continues to stun people he plays for by speaking a universal language through his music.