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Bucharest, Romania

Minimal, Tech House

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As a teenager, Primãrie had a good ability to interact and musically pleasure people. As a start of career he organized and ran dance floors at private parties where he developed his ability to be a catchy person deep in his groovy sound of techno and house music. After several months of courses under the lead of the East Dj Association, Primãrie raised his standards into a deeper sound, producing at Quanticman Records some tunes that will make him familiar to the trend. Practically his spongeously attitude took him to the next dimension with every hour spent in the dj booth. With a dynamic style, he managed to impose himself more and more. His first steps as a dj took place in his hometown, Constanta, in clubs such as Amnesia, BTT Arena, Amsters, The One, Zoom, Berlin. CFM is the place where the ideas were put together. In autumn of 2009 he moves to Bucharest and that was the start for receiving people’s respect and appreciation. For the beginning he gigs in Studio Martin, Other Side of Expirat, Silver Aftehours, Traian 42, Barocco and after he goes to Pure(Timisoara) and PK2 where he imposed himself through his original techno sound. Also, he considers that his weekly show from RadioDeea at 9 pm Wednesday is a valuable way to promote himself in this area of tech-house electronic music. With a good ability to move the dance floor , high ambition, team work of his label Tzinah Records, professionalism and very fine taste of music, he will proceed to the next level of djing and he’s prepared to do it good.