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The career of Robert Schmidt and Dirk Grimmer aka “Pressureheads” started in December 2003 at an event called “Gate Convention”.

Dirk was guest while Robert was still playing hardstyle music at this party.

Dirk applied for the second chapter of the “Gate Convention” and Robert became acquainted with Dirk because they loved the same music and the same records.

They decided to play together in future. The Pressureheads aka the German Hardstyle Pimps were born!

Many bookings followed, some of their own events called “Hardstyle Clubnight” or for short HSCN. They became friends of many other Hardstyle top-DJs like DJ Warmduscher, Weichei, Asys and DJ Virus.

Now the Pressureheads are still on top of the German Hardstyle scene. They work together on many music productions and releases.

Watch out, many great music and events will follow up, because there is no end to see.