Uncompromising searcher that’s how you could describe Poziom-X in two words. He was looking for a job and found one in a DJ shop where he bumped into decks. While seeki... read more


Uncompromising searcher that’s how you could describe Poziom-X in two words.

He was looking for a job and found one in a DJ shop where he bumped into decks. While seeking a right place for himself, he moved from Silesia to Warsaw and discovered that producing a TV programme is something he’s good at as well.

As a DJ he constantly explores new sounds and is not afraid to surprise his fans. And where is this lack of compromise? Be patient…

Behind the Poziom-X guise hides

Marcin Zajac. Between 1997 and 1997 a vinyl store worker, and today a member of an unquestionable DJ elite in Poland, which is confirmed by the 9th place in the Top 100 of the Laif magazine, the only clubbing related periodical in his homeland.

But you don’t need such contests to see how a popular and respected artist he is. This is shown perfectly by performances on the biggest festivals in Poland and invitations abroad that are far from being one-off cases.

It was after one festival when Marcin started to spread his wings wider.

He rocked the Polish Mayday in 2001 and has been an inseparable element of these parties every year, adding two business trips to Hungary.

He also performed three times on the legendary Creamfields on the Polish and twice on the Czech edition.

In any case, Southern neighbours took a great liking to Poziom-X offering him regular gigs including such parties as the Machac festival with Paul Van Dyk.

Marcin has also played twice with Carl Cox and expanded his list of standout performances with the one on the German Nature One in 2005.

So, where comes this wide respect and recognition from? Its mainly a result of a full commitment to his passion, effecting in pre-eminent technical skills that are a motivation to a strenuous work for many DJs.

Used to play on 3 decks, today he still stays ahead of the pack, constantly learning new stuff, which was manifested by a purchase of a Pioneer EFX-1000 one of James Zabielas favourite toys.

However, with nothing but flawless mixing you can only be a poor craftsman and such people don’t get ahead. Its the feeling for music and the permanent search for something new that makes Poziom different.

You just can’t learn those things like you practice DJ tricks.

He started with hard techno to later fall in love with all kinds of progressive and now explores the areas of minimal and electro as well.

And this is where his lack of compromise becomes clearly visible, because Marcin always keeps pushing forward even though his listeners are not ready for future sounds.

This feature made him also successful on the television market. As a producer of Pepsi Faza, Electronic Beats and Club Rotation he didn’t follow the line of least resistance and tried to musically evolve his audience.

This crusade forced him to move from the Viva TV, which transformed into a less ambitious station, to 4 Fun TV that willingly decided to take advantage of his experience and talent.

The collaboration effected in SELEKTOR a club show that is set to be the best of its kind in Poland.

With Poziom-Xs passion and commitment the plan seems to be by all means feasible…