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“Funky beats, a Pinch of Electro, a Twist of Disco, a Hint of Vocals, and a Whole lot of Filter” sums up the DJ Powder sound. “He is a self-taught master of dancefloor devastation” says Darude. His set diversity is mind blowing, yet scarily fluid. In any given set he will play vocal house, funky house, filtered house, electro, even some speed garage if the crowd is right.

Powder, Adam Johnston, originally established himself as a club DJ in the Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada area in early 2000. As a result of this exposure to dance music, Powder soon began working hard as a DJ and thirsted to be involved even more. So began Phunktion Productions, the brainchild of Powder and friend Derek Gaudet, in the summer of 2004. Doing this side project has enabled Powder to meet lots of new people, and get a better understanding of the whole industry in general.

His involvement in both DJing and promoting have given him the opportunity to play alongside and work with such acts as Tall Paul, Superstar DJ Keoki, Frankie Bones, Angel Alanis, Kenny Ken, DJ Irene, Christopher Lawrence, Astral Projection, DJ Dan, Hatiras, Paul Maddox, a little 3 way battle with Slipmatt and Vibes, Bad Boy Bill, Steve Murano, Dj Micro, Mea, Freaky Flow, Robbie Rivera, Willie Morales, Mike Downey, Benny Benassi, DJ Enrie, DJ Ayresy, Colleen Shannon, and many others.

By staying on the cutting edge of electronic music, Powder captivates his listeners every time he hits the turntables. It is an understatement to say that this DJ knows how to work the crowd into a frenzy with his signature funky sound.

2006 promises to be a big year, with Angel Alanis signing his first single “Go Home With Me”. Powder plans to release more material this year, and hopefully get his own label imprint off the ground, Phunktion Recordings. This year will begin the culmination of all his hard work and dedication.

Watch for big things from this up and coming Canadian House phenom.