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Portia Surreal

New York, United States


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Introducing DJ Portia Surreal New York City’s up and coming glowing disco ball vixen. Enlightening the ambiance of planet Earthís dance floors with her hypnotic style and seductive flava. Her individual synergy is a transcending spectacle. Featured in the spot light glow with some of the world’s most elite artist’s: Andy C, Sandra Collins and Tiesto to name a few; Portia is traveling the globe as an explosive controversial breakthrough dj. So far, performing in venues with up to a 6000+ audience, she tantalizes with her theatrical fetish erotica. Whipping up a sassy spankin’ style of dark n sexy house and breaks with an electro funky cherry on top. This disco tech geisha has luminous eloquence that invokes the audience with her ever changing rhythm. Music is her lingerie, she captivates a multitude of fans from time zone to time zone with her vision, infinitely marking the galaxy with her essence. Her splendor is a way of life.

Portia began studying dance at five years old, which triggered the beginning of her professional modeling career at the age of seven. Exposed to musical theatre and erotic arts, Portia has found a deep passion for creative expression since she was a child.

Her undying lust for music and performing became a sensuous daydream. The atomic Diva fell in love with the art of arousal through visual and auditory stimulation. A mad fever inspired her to launch a heavy pursuit of spiritual awakening through a vinyl treasure hunt. With an impressive tasty record collection containing over 5,000 different flavors of wax. Ms. Surreal has a broad range of influences and an eccentric sense of musical diversity.

Continuing her adventurous dream state, she developed her theatrical nature in the undergound fetish and goth scenes, performing in an array of productions and appearing in countless advertisements. Combining undergound dimensions she has reinvented the female electronica DJ through everything from electroclash to deep dark tribal culture.

Portia infused with flare has a hunger for brilliance and an enthusiastic commitment to the evolution of her sound. There has been a mass response with a high volume desire for her animated vivacious presence. Booked internationally, inspired to share her fantasy dreamscape with millions, she mixes it up with intense groovaLicious enchantment.

Meow! Surreal refuses to put her toys away, starves to caress the decks and play with fresh sounds in the recording studio. Portia Surreal is the ìKitten Kundaliniî of this planetís sultry underground electronia music scene ‚ purring and grooving!