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Pony Bwoy

San Francisco, United States

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TGNP is excited to announce the self-titled debut from Pony Bwoy. The album is a remarkable collection of R&B-inspired dark-pop, rooted in wavy electronics and hyper-rhythmic vocals.

Fronted by singer/rapper/provocateur Jeremy Nutzman, Pony Bwoy explore a wide range of influence, from dance-floor ready anthems to intimate late-night chill zone lullabies. At times it sounds like hushed raps over beats by Plaid, and other times soulful smooth-talk singing over shoegaze electronics, all the while displaying a chemistry between Nutzman and producer Hunter Morley that is wonderfully in tune with each other and complimentary in every way. The two have managed to create a playful, don’t-give-a-fuck persona of explicit content and progressive music, yet somehow made it engaging, timeless, and irresistible.