Ponta Beatport


Pontus Eriksson Aka. Dj Ponta, Pontus Eriksson was born in Sweden and in the town Hudiksvall in 1986.As a kid Pontus was listening to dance music, at the age of 14 Pontus began to listen to House and Hardtrance,In 2001 Pontus began to listen Psytrance and Goa Trance. After a while he bought his first Psy/Goa Trance album same year Pontus got interesting in dj’ing by the the gigs, he started to dj’ing at small underground gigs in norrland in sweden.At the beginning Pontus started to play trance as a dj, with the time he came in at Psy/Goa trance after.After a short period of being a dj Pontus started play at bigger and bigger parties.Now days Pontus is playing Darkpsy, Darkfullon and fullon. And have even played at “Mondaybar Black And White Cruise” wich is a boat trip during 3 days from Sweden to Tallink with big famous artists and dj’s.

side project: the dark prophets whit dino..

dark is the shiiit

partys i have play at:

monday bar black & white cruise swe tallin swe

TRILLAH HILLAH#6 sundsvall swe


TH new year party sundsvall swe

Lysergic Sm At Mentamid`s B-Day gbg swe

Tomtar Och Troll sthlm swe

StrandStamp 4.0- live free or die hard sthlm swe

hemlig fest

hemlig fest

hemlig fest

=Terra Noctum= The second chapter gbg swe

masters of trance hudiksvall swe

Sanity Is Madness sthlm swe

masters of trance 2 hudiksvall swe

and more partys